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One of the Bright Side writers decided to conduct her very own experiment. She has tested firsthand the Internet’s most common tips to lose weight. Get ready for an eye-opener!

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  • BRIGHT SIDE 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys! Have you ever tried any of these tricks? Did they work for you?

  • Siera 2 weeks ago

    Their transition are amazing ✨

  • kayla kaylie 2 weeks ago

    I've tried the toothpaste method and I shed a pound from that. it's really great. and when i'm hungry I use breath strips one every few hours. that helped me.  also I use hot sauce on my food or flaming hot chips for a snack and that keeps me full and it really works. but those are just my methods. lol

  • Kemi Coffman 2 weeks ago

    I can Wright with both hands but I can't eat with both hands

  • Katniss Everdeen 2 weeks ago

    Can i get 10 likes

  • SimplySplash 06 2 weeks ago

    the cool colors one does work. im five to ten pounds underweight , my moms kitchen is all blue and i usually eat off blue or green plates

  • Starlightthedark 2 weeks ago

    tip 10 won't work with me since i eat with the wrong hand due to being blind in one eye it's easier to eat with a fork when i can see where its going.

  • Virtue Virgo 2 weeks ago

    I cut sugar from my diet and lost 2 stone in a month so that works

  • Tina Lemus 2 weeks ago

    Was that her??? Lol

  • try replacing a meal with fruits and veggies. breakfast, lunch or dinner. it makes a difference

  • Jason Todd 2 weeks ago

    "Returns with a vengeance; stronger than before!"
    … That's.. ..that's what "with a vengeance" means.. yeah. ._.

  • Purplusty 2 weeks ago

    Tip 4 actually work for me

  • luke bell 2 weeks ago

    disability financial rub short rear coat habitat bring laughter fall.

  • Shvma Tube 2 weeks ago

    Eat paratha with cheese and dip it in your tea just like having a biscuit with tea and you’ll feel full for 3-4 hours! Just don’t drink the tea!

  • dani macdonald 2 weeks ago

    A purple plate isn't gonna stop me from eating a entire pizza

  • Yena Carwin 2 weeks ago

    Ohh when u r living in Asian country n ur parents forces u to eat rice.

  • Swapnali Joshi 2 weeks ago

    The video was very nicely done. But I have a doubt to share. When I had acidity problems my doctor asked me not to eat chocolates especially on hungry stomach as it increases acidity. So kindly add a line to the video that it's not recommended for the people with acidic stomach problems.

  • Barbara Curtis 2 weeks ago

    so far I've lost 10 lbs. eating carbs for breakfast only. I don't eat carbs for dinner or lunch,, I drink only water , two cans of v8+energy unsweetened tea or coffee.

  • Arch Angel 2 weeks ago

    67 Percent of people sit for 20 hours a day? ….really?

  • SimplySplash 06 2 weeks ago

    i go to catholic school, so #6, my catholic homies

  • Campbell Fulton 2 weeks ago

    Very scientific experiment

  • Anastacia Ignatenko 2 weeks ago

    Small plate trick not works for me .
    Even making me eat more

  • Elvis Xiao 2 weeks ago

    How much sugar in dark chocolate?

  • zwillinglebt 2 weeks ago

    to drink water before a meal works for many people, because some people are unable to distinguish hunger and thirst, mostly because of many years of bad eating behaviours. that's the only reason why you should test it. check before a meal whether you thirsty or hungry. for this guys and girls, it helps to lose some weight.

  • Nurz jk 2 weeks ago

    wat abt drinking lime water early n d morning n an empty stomach??

  • Nurz jk 2 weeks ago

    standing yl eating may cause hernea

  • kanika Arora 2 weeks ago

    We should drink water before meals or not ?