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SoOoOo my Pixi Palette and Lip Icing is out NOW! Let me introduce you to my baby (lol everyone thought my announcement was that I’m pregnant and I guess they’re not actually too far off?).

~Romantic Radiance Palette Chloette

~Cake Lip Icing

*Don’t forget to enter the giveaway where 1 Winner and their guest will win:

1. A Trip to Los Angeles for a Pixi Makeover at the Pixi Boutique.
2. I get to meet you and hang out at the Pixi Boutique!
3. Winner gets professional photos taken after their Pixi Makeover
4. Winner of course wins a set of #PixiPretties products! (YAY!)
*Winner will be announced on Pixi’s Instagram account @PixiBeauty*

Enter Giveaway-

-Giveaway open from Feb 6- Mar 6, 2018
-Follow Me (@ChloeMorello) and Pixi (@PixiBeauty) on Instagram
- Submit your Instagram handle (so we can check when we select a winner)
-Submit your email address



Manager/Business Inquiries ONLY:

All Australian enquiries please contact MAX CONNECTORS (

U.S./Canadian inquiries please contact Kevin Johnson
( )

Countries outside of these can contact either.

*Please note I am not available for makeup artist services*

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SNAP: MorelloMachine


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MY SIGMA BRUSHES LINK: Use the code ChloeMorello10 for 10% off!
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  • CO1225 1 week ago

    I love how many different things you can do with this palette! :)

  • Cierah Clowe 1 week ago

    Beautiful palette Chloe! Congrats on your wedding!

  • volare66 1 week ago

    Gorgeous palette! What are you wearing on your eyes?

  • White Flower 1 week ago

    Please make a video of the pink make up u are waering here pease please???????

  • Valeria Noreña Giraldo 1 week ago

    Agh la puta madre por qué siempre ignoran latinoamérica que alguien me explique

  • Caroline Lajoie 1 week ago

    Saw it at my Pharmaprix (french Canadian version of Shopper drugs mart) and was so excited ! i couldn't believe no video was made about it haha!

  • Valeria Noreña Giraldo 1 week ago

    Whyyyy is it only for the US and not for the whole fucking continennnnntttttttttt

  • ebbn1 1 week ago

    Imagine you doing a contest were you do Make up for a bride to be worldwide

  • Vittoria 1 week ago

    So happy you're in Canada!! Love from Toronto :)

  • Grace Wigley 1 week ago

    Where is the cheapest Australian stockist? this pallet looks amazing! x

  • Angela Longyear 1 week ago

    Congrats on the nuptials and the romance palatte. Cant wait to purchase. Side note- can you link your sweater?? Cheers from San Francisco!

  • T&A NEALE 1 week ago

    Love this pink look on you, so precious xx :)

  • Heather Graff 1 week ago

    I used to own an all over face palette from Pixie, and it was my FAVORITE!

  • Sheera Mae Banaag 1 week ago

    you look stunning. must be love

  • Britt Doh 1 week ago

    The shoppers by my house carries the smallest amount of pixie products:( they never have any of the ones I want to buy:(
    Congrats Chloe on this collab

  • Basma Galeb 1 week ago

    U didn't have honeymoon !!!!!

  • Kathryn Carlson 1 week ago

    omg i love!

  • Brittany Iseppi 1 week ago

    So happy for you!!!

  • Emma Rokins 1 week ago

    I want them all !!

  • KellyGirl83 1 week ago

    Wow! How absolutely fresh & beautiful you look with your new products! And what a wonderful prize package! I’m going to enter! Congratulations for all the wonderfullness in your life! You deserve it! xo, Kelly ❤️

  • Libby Greene 1 week ago

    You’re the best!!!