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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take accurate body measurements and determine your body type. Your body shape is based on 4 main measurements: Shoulders, Chest, Waist and Hips and there are different types of body shapes: Inverted Triangle, Pear Shaped, an Hour Glass, Apple Shaped. Watch this video and know what’s your body shape?

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How to find your personal style explained by Konkana Bakshi:

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Hi Girls! What is your Body Type?
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  • Akhi Rahman 2 weeks ago

    I have rectangular shape

  • sayali sontakke 2 weeks ago

    plz give a guidline for clothes according to each shape

  • tushali sarkar 2 weeks ago

    such an amazing video so many things to learn grt loved the video glamrs thanku

  • Saba afreen 2 weeks ago

    She looks similar to Aamna Sharif

  • Gayu 30 2 weeks ago

    i loved it..plz do share height series too..for height is "5" how much weight i must be..from shoulder , hips an stay in shape , and our body Will be helpful for us to maintain..

  • EliteXtasy 2 weeks ago

    Her pronunciation of "determine" and "determining" is quite funny.

  • sam k 2 weeks ago

    Could have been explain in less than 5 mins. Same procedure to measure

  • Sonal Joshi 2 weeks ago

    Very helpful vedio. I like this series.

  • Priyanka M 2 weeks ago

    Nice Video! I would love to know how you did your hair in this video…

  • Rashmi a.k 2 weeks ago

    Ur lukng so beautiful konkana bhakshi mam.. in this video totally diffrent from old videos.. nd I like the way you talking also defined the very creative ideas. Thnk u and keep going on …

  • Diy and craft with Nancy 2 weeks ago

    you are so beautiful dear

  • Parveen Pathan 2 weeks ago

    That was much new concept teams ….very well explained ….she looks so pretty…. waiting and much more excited for further new vd on this …… really appreciate to all of u guys….great team work….

  • Jinti Baruah 2 weeks ago

    you are so pretty and this video is amazing

  • Angelc Kitty 2 weeks ago

    u r an amazing adviser plz another video on jewelry thank u

  • Nityaa Malpani 2 weeks ago

    My shoulders are wide but most of my fat is in the lower half of my body..

  • Chandrasreelekha Dbpura 2 weeks ago

    Truely love KONKANA BAKSHI'S videos…….

  • harshitha parry 2 weeks ago

    This is why I love glamrs? Always this team comes with different ideas.. looking forward for more! Lots of love