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  • Adrian Chua 2 weeks ago

    Hey Richie,

    I'm currently looking for some MNML jeans and I would consider myself to be between the mesomorph and ectomorph cuz of my thighs and calves. Do you think I would fit in the MNML jeans? I'm planning on copping some in a size 30 and my waistline for the jeans I'm wearing now are a 30 Slim Fit in Zara. What size do you recommend I get for some MNML jeans? Thanks Bud.

  • Bleach Latte 2 weeks ago

    You guys got some options

  • Jacob Jackson 2 weeks ago

    Bruh he sounds like he's talking about different species of alien

  • Jacob Manglo 2 weeks ago

    Richie make a vid about best track pants for us short dudes

  • Thereal Baller1109 2 weeks ago

    I'm 6'0 and 155 lbs and 14 years old. What am I?

  • SSauravGaming 2 weeks ago

    I’m 5.10 140lb asian
    What body type am I

  • Billy Cranston 2 weeks ago

    I'm 5'11 and 145 lbs what jeans should I get

  • ontheroadtoZ 2 weeks ago

    Tan is not an ectomorph

  • derek a. 2 weeks ago

    your an endomorph you are short and stout

  • jrod 1059 2 weeks ago

    My really look nice

  • jrod 1059 2 weeks ago

    I got my jean taper

  • mustang13990 2 weeks ago

    What about bodybuilders with big legs? What can they wear

  • ThatBoyShifty 2 weeks ago

    He said take off from bad and bouji he wasnt even on bad and bouji

  • Brogue Kick 2 weeks ago

    thanks Richie once again, I just got some pants from H&M and these tip really helped!

    but then I realized I'm a bar of soap and don't wear pants…but thanks anyway. Great Job

  • gibysgb 2 weeks ago

    What if your in between mesomorph and endomorph

  • Alex Cornick 2 weeks ago

    Richie is an endo tho

  • Big7Mish 2 weeks ago

    OMG I've been wearing jeans wrong my entire life, thanks Richie!!!

  • UseCodeGenji 2 weeks ago

    I play rugby and I'm a mesomorph

  • Sean Lee 2 weeks ago

    A$AP Rocky a mesomorph?!

  • Help me Reach 10,000 Subs with no Videos 2 weeks ago

    The thing is I have a stomach but I don’t have fat legs…so jeans look baggy on me.

  • Aria Hasfinanda 2 weeks ago

    How about if your short and skinny?

  • Jakle Macson 2 weeks ago

    3:51 richie looks like an elementary school kid whos mom wants to take his picture on the first day of school

  • benjamin beats 2 weeks ago

    Take off from bad n boujeee

  • Natethagod Bitch 2 weeks ago

    I would say asap rocky is skinny

  • Lawrence Morris 2 weeks ago

    I'm ecto and stay away from skinny lol 80s baby

  • Jayz - A Gamer SneakerHead 2 weeks ago

    I'm looking for a pair of husky jeans with a tapered bottom I got a big butt but tiny legs

  • Tybetts 2 weeks ago

    Don't wear skinny jeans if you don't have skinny genes

  • Du Huynh 2 weeks ago

    Richie what's your take on short dudes wearing skinny jeans and high tops? It looks like you got hooves on ya feet coming from a 5,5 Viet

  • Josh Williams 2 weeks ago

    Anybody got some jeans for taller skinny men? I'
    m 6'4 but can still fit 33×34 or 34×34 but im looking for a 36 in length.