Added by on January 15, 2018 Dr. Eric Berg DC Different body types need different types of exercise. In this video I explain what type of exercise would be good for your type.

Don’t forget to TAKE THE QUIZ AT so you can find out your body type!


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  • teresa olofson 1 month ago

    Dr Berg did you say "hopping" for the ovary type?

  • Eman Khalifa 1 month ago

    hi Dr.Eric what if I can't fit or have more than one type for examble I feel like I'm both adrenal and ovary type what type of exercise would you recommend?

  • Melissa Caldwell 1 month ago

    Does Dr Berg ever answer questions in the comments? The test said thzt i am adrenal but i take thyroid meds so maybe i am both.

  • TheWowwa 1 month ago

    My body looks like Ovary type but when I did the body type quiz, the result is the Adrenal type. I kinda confuse. However, I think I have both types. Therefore, I think I need to exercise suits both types. Where Adrenal exercises are stretching, yoga and walking and Ovary is plyometric or full body workout that emphasizes the hips and legs.

  • Melisa Chase 1 month ago

    thanks Dr berg. great info!

  • Corinne Godina 1 month ago

    hehe am thyroid body tipe.hate running but love sprinting hehe xD

  • Aras Wang 1 month ago

    Does it mean people of adrenal type would never get muscular and lean at the same time? I am pretty sure you won't build muscle by just doing walking, yoga or stretching.

  • Amala Persaud 1 month ago

    My lower body is always thin gaining fat in my upper and lower back not my butt thigh and legs what exercise to gain lower body. weight. I'm always skinny

  • Stacey 1 month ago

    I have low thyroid, but the quiz said I was adrenal… I'm going to stick with the adrenal plan because without knowing it, thats what I've been doing for the past few weeks and I've managed to lose some weight and an inch off my belly. I understand I could be derailing my success by weight training, but its a way that I actually DECREASE mental stress. I go to the gym, put on my headphones, and lift weight. I will modify what I've been doing by increasing the reps while keeping the weights low. I find that when I feel strong after lifting weights, my mental stress decreasing significantly. If I stop lifting for this reason, I feel that it would almost be counterproductive and increase my stress levels. We will see I guess…

  • maya s 1 month ago


  • DidiNYC 1 month ago

    Is this video for people who are really fat? If I have A body type and barely any fat, and I must be toned for work, I suspect with walking and stretching and some yoga I'll not be really ripped. I do those already and they're good, but ever since I've been working out my music lessons with weights I've seen progress. When I did yoga and walking, I just got got more fat.

  • Sakura Tree 1 month ago

    if you're an Ovary type, go swimming. In 2 months I weight loss 15 kg I think it is like 30 pounds. Br Berg is right.

  • Angeloublue32 1 month ago

    I'm type A and I have noticed this as well but it sucks because I like hiking but it's difficult to find trails that don't stress my body too much with steep hills, stares, and climbing over rocks. Mentally I need it.  Should I just hike slower?

  • Eric Raimondi 1 month ago

    anagram: A.L.O.T. to help remember.

  • stefanie böke 1 month ago

    I did the body type test twice and it told me I'm the adrenal body type. But I'm pretty sure I'm the ovary body type, coz I absolutely look like in that picture, plus I have estrogen dominance symptoms :/

  • Donthese types change overtime? What if you are a Adrenal type now? Because ive always benefited from strength training and such…i think due to an exuberant amount of stress, depression and anxiety i am at an adrenal type. If I correct that, can I still do strength training. barre classes, Hit classes? I cant do yoga or stretching i find it boring and doesnt do anything for me to lower my stress

  • Kayleigh Wilson 1 month ago

    See my issue is, I have none of the symptoms of any of these nor do I think I look like these, I mean I will try both the adrenal and thyroid (at separate times) but I'm still not sure

  • ruthless cupcake 1 month ago

    what If you're not obese tho lmfao

  • Saima Khan 1 month ago

    I have an ovary body type. Can walk help it out??

  • trusty lama 1 month ago

    Dr. Berg your body type quiz is only for United States citizens?

  • Sincere Johnson 1 month ago

    This is true. I get the best results when I do HIIT workouts and now I know why. Thank you!

  • Linda Cary 1 month ago

    so how do I exercise for a thyroid body type when I had my thyroid removes in 2010? I have gained over 50-60 pounds and can't get it off!!!!!

  • Janus Bevins 1 month ago

    what if u have a combination of two of these

  • mintym_ 1 month ago

    a tip for other adrenals out there: casual cycling (not the crazy heartbeat-through-the-roof-kind of one) in a nice environment in good weather doubles as stress management and just the right amount of excercise !

  • sugarcube700 1 month ago

    What if you're a combination of all

  • leah g 1 month ago

    what about if you became type A after you had a child

  • Xueli Fish 1 month ago

    Im an adrenal body type, now i understand why i hate running, i always enjoy walking than running

  • Beth Wawira 1 month ago

    am a A and it's True!
    I work out so much, eat healthy, even drink kangenwater but I get nowhere!
    since I do Yoga and walk a lot- I am reducing my weight and I am more flexible. I can toe my shoes without feeling like the belly is on the way!
    I am happy u have found this video as a proof that am on the right track!