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Body Wraps


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  • Joseph Marshall 1 month ago

    Great video Jose like your video's loads keep it up please!!!

  • CS:GO and other random stuff 1 month ago

    Great job making fun of fat people while not making fun of them.

  • Gurbaz Singh 1 month ago

    2:43 "chest region is smaller then waist region" ??

  • Yazid Hamid 1 month ago

    Jose: Now lets talk about athletic guy

    Shows a picture of himself

  • Zaid Arif 1 month ago

    For the fat guys, they cant always wear suits man

  • Dragon Nixon 1 month ago

    what if i'm fit and my shoulders are pretty wide but my pelvis is wide as well so anything i put on looks like a triangle because pants make it look even wider…

  • Luis Suarez 1 month ago

    I would really appreciate it if you told me where you bought your jacket

  • GVSD3 1 month ago

    Ahh, so now I understand and realized why I was different from other people because I had an atlhetic body, naturally.

  • Cykablyat 1 month ago

    This is a useful channel for fashion tips and advice but your 'fitness' program is a scam. For anyone considering this, literally having cert for personal training is easy and requires extremely little actual knowledge. If you want training hook up with real trainers who know what they are doing and have been there. Ultimately, most fitness instructors are only regurgitating common sense and logic and aren't going to understand the nuance of individual progression and gain. This isn't to hate, but when someone markets themselves as an experienced individual or a guru at least enough to train others at a price they open themselves up to criticism of their competency. I think we both know that's why you made the caveat that you can't train people for the stage, or probably little else in the way of actual performance since you are not offering your 'clients' anything that the hundred other insta scam artists are. Have some integrity and be honest about your training, because yes you are fit but I can instantly tell you don't know how to help people reach anything other than your own body type and progress, **if that**.

    If y'all want a real guru get someone like Josh Bryant.

  • Owen Copson 1 month ago

    so apparently there is only fat guys and skinny guys and guys that sweat it out in a gym?

  • Shamdu Limbu 1 month ago


  • Robin Lorenzo 1 month ago

    What if my chest region is buff and my waist(stomach area) is fat? What to do :(

  • Mehran Ghafouri 1 month ago

    I have Big ass hips and ass and Im a boy -_-

  • Stranger Happened 1 month ago

    The advice to the rectangular body shape is wrong. The first jacket did not help it at all; on the contrary, its rounded shoulders have worsened the figure. Also, there is still too much hand movements and bratty attitude.

  • Dallin Reed 1 month ago

    Hey I am dallin and I am sick and tiered of being over weight and never fiting in any clothes and so I whant a workout program that's free and simple for me to do

  • Abdi Mohamud 1 month ago

    Dude, great battlestation at 4:41 :O

  • LeGeNd 1 month ago

    Tell Me Im Not The Only One Hearing This 2:40

  • Gamesta 19 1 month ago

    Thanks so much Jose, this video helped a lot. I'm very skinny but now I know how to dress for my shape.