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How to Do Pilates Side Kick Exercise – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats.

Hi, we’re Kimberly and Katherine Corp. We own Pilates on Fifth here in Manhattan, and we’re going to show you the Side Kick which is a great Pilates exercise for stabilizing in the side line position which strengthens your core against the movement of the legs. But you’ll also tone the front of your legs and the back of your legs. Who could want more? So we’ll have Katherine lay on her side and she’ll prop herself up on her elbow. Now before we get started, if this bothers your neck, you may also lengthen this arm and rest your head on your upper arm. If this still is uncomfortable you can put a little pillow under the head, on the arm. But we’ll have her to go back where her head is supported by her hand. Now one thing we want here is you want from the head to the tail bone to be in a straight line. Then you angle the legs forward about 45 degrees. So from above your body is a check mark, and you can stabilize there. Pull your abs in. You do not want to roll forward or back during the exercise. Now this top hand for beginners can stabilize in front on the floor. If you find your shoulders rolls forward you can stabilize on your finger tips. Or you can take the other hand behind your head which we’re just going to make Katherine do it the hard way. But you at home, make sure you do it the way that’s right for you. So to start off, we’ll have her lift her top leg hip height, which again is hip height, not here, hip height, yeah! And we kick it forward twice. So we kick forward, inhale-inhale, and then exhale reach, and you can lift off just a bit to work those lower obliques. And again inhale-inhale, and exhale reach. Notice she’s not rocking forward and back. And inhale-inhale, this is number 3, Katherine’s going to keep count. Now what you don’t want when you go forward is to flex the spine and then to arch the spine when you go back. So this is not a flexibility exercise, its a control exercise. And we go forward, and that was number 6. And we’ll just do 2 more to make it 8. And inhale-inhale exhale reach, no popping the ribs. Keep those abs in. And last time, flexing the foot on the front, pointing it on the back. Then to finish, she’ll bring her legs on top of each other and relax. And of course, you would do the other side. But we’ll just show you one today, and that is the Side Kick.

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  • Romaine Athey 1 week ago

    I check a lot of workouts handbooks. This one from Unflexal is the best.