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How to Do Pilates Leg Pull-Front Exercise – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats.

Hi, we’re Kimberly and Katherine Corp. We own Pilates on Fifth in New York City, and we’re going to show you the Pilates exercise, Leg Pull-Front. So Katherine will come and do an all four’s position with her hands right under her shoulders and her knees right under her hips, pull the bellybutton up to the front wall of the spine. Then she’ll extend one leg in back of her, contracting the glutes and the hamstrings of that leg, and then press into her hands, extend the other leg, so you fortify this nice plank position. Now for starters we’ll practice lifting one leg and then the other. Inhale to prepare, exhale lift one leg up and inhale place it down and exhale lift the other leg up and place it down. So what we’re looking for here is no rotation in the pelvis as we lift the leg. Wonderful, now we’re going to go into the fun version. So we’re going to inhale lift the leg up with the flexed foot, reach back and point it, reach forward and flex, and put it down. And lift it up, reach back and point, come forward and flex, and down. So it goes inhale, exhale reach, inhale back and exhale down. Inhale up, exhale reach and point, inhale rock back and flex, and down. Now go ahead and come back down to your knees. The reason for the movement and the pointing and flexing is it takes coordination and all the movement distracts you from the real element which is keeping your torso very very still and supported throughout the exercise. And that is the Leg Pull-Front.

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