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The perfect pair of jeans should fit well, hide your body’s drawbacks, and emphasize your best features. Here is a cheat sheet to help you choose the best-fitting and most flattering pair of jeans.

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  • SophiaAwesomeness27 3 months ago


  • Ruth Salazar 3 months ago

    when you're a pear shape and you see that NONE of the leg cuts are for you

  • Cute CreeperGR 3 months ago

    Hourglass can wear anything!

  • Christie Ressel 3 months ago

    This is so A@$ backwards. As a stylist, I couldn't agree less with half of the info presented here. To anyone watching, I have a "perfect denim for your body type" video on my channel to cover who can wear what properly. Videos like this show me why so many women are confused about their shape.

  • Emily Smith 3 months ago

    Hour glass can wear everything and my asks me why I have so many jeans lol

  • Priya muni 3 months ago

    really helpful for me thank u

  • Dominion Iwo 3 months ago

    It's easy to be an hourglass all it is is having a slim waist with curvy hips and you can achieve that by following these steps:

    .Having a healthy diet(eat lots of fresh fruit and veg and cut down on unhealthy saturated and trans fats,have protein in moderate consumption and have very small portions of red meat and stay away from processed foods)

    .Drink lots of water it's a no brainer water is the universal drink and drinking at least 8 ounces of water a day will speed up your metabolism so you will be able to burn more calories

    .Have your recommended amount of sleep,sleep is very important for your body since it repairs you and you also lose calories while sleeping so get plenty of sleep but don't over do it

    .Exercise, exercise is very important especially if u want an hourglass figure.I would recommend doing a lot of exercises for your waist,hips,glutes and thighs like deadlifts,squats etc

  • Thesonderchild 13 3 months ago

    I was told when I was younger I was probably going to be a

  • Mariah Borg 3 months ago

    this just makes peopls with different body types depressed or sad that the jeans that they own doesn't look good on them

  • Andjela Jovanovic 3 months ago

    Round shape can't wear any silhouette

  • Diamond_Gamer 3 months ago

    Can any of these make me look taller?

  • Diamond_Gamer 3 months ago

    The 'DO NOT READ THE NEXT SENTENCE!' shirt is cute

  • Andra Panr 3 months ago

    so… all the types fit hourglass?? I wanna know bc I am hourglass

  • charli du pont 3 months ago

    You can wear what makes you happy

  • Claire Osborne 3 months ago

    Sooo a triangle can't wear any kind of pants with any kind of fabric on the calves? Umm…

  • Ziggy Bradshaw 3 months ago

    According to this I can wear any pair of jeans I want. Yay! (Hourglass figure)

  • Sarah Zanfir 3 months ago

    Where's the stick? Like..c'mon. You have a pear but not the stick. Everyone is focusing more on what bigger people should wear. But the sticks are left out. Were is my #StickFam

  • Mackenzie M 3 months ago

    I'm about to workout for an hourglass figure

  • Destiny Harris 3 months ago

    I'm gonna wear whatever I wanna

  • Jessie Allen 3 months ago

    I'm glad I'm an hour glass I got all of them

  • Ana Martinez 3 months ago

    Im Hourglass , so that means i can wear everything

  • Kate's life 3 months ago

    The hourglass can wear anything and also I'm none of these types I'm skinny and short except my legs are long so idk

  • The iron V used to Make jin straight 3 months ago

    I dont even know my body type

  • Rachel Kessler 3 months ago

    hourglass :) i already knew i could wear anything, but high waitsed skinny jeans with ripps, are the best choice for me :)

  • Baran Hassanpouran 3 months ago

    I can wear eny jean l like
    I'm hourglass ….

  • La La 3 months ago

    So helpful!

  • Emma Kay 3 months ago

    Skinny jeans look good on EVERYONE. its the waist height that matters most. High rise complement most mid rise is second and low rise only work on people who are tiny

  • Sutapa Halder 3 months ago

    So almost every jeans goes with my body type…..

  • meli . 3 months ago

    i'm hourglass i can wear all !

  • Jennifer Colyer 3 months ago

    So, you' trying to tell all triangle shapes out there, they can't wear any type of jeans???
    What a load of rubbish :/