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  • Aleyna Sabir 1 week ago

    You‘re such an awesome, inspirational, beautiful and positiv person. Thanks taira for teaching me sooo much.

  • Malik Rahman 1 week ago

    Six babies!! Love you all!….any plans for anymore?!

  • DancexHelen 1 week ago

    I love this style videos! I hope there are more in the future

  • Sarah K 1 week ago

    Taira I have a video request! Can you explain exactly how you told your kids why you decide to be vegan and how you did this to family and everyone else? My fam doesnt even know what it is and meat is very loved so I dont know how to approach this

  • Chloe 1 week ago

    I am a new subscriber loving your videos!! Would love to see a full workout routine :) x

  • Grace Tyrrel 1 week ago

    Your videos are great, But I think they could be even more amazing by having an intro

  • Kathryn B 1 week ago

    I go to the gym sometimes but I rarely have motivation I feel like I don’t enjoy it much, does anyone have any tips on how to get motivated?

  • Shaza Samy 1 week ago

    You are So Inspiring Tiara u are such a wonderful Woman ♥

  • Rosemary Wild 1 week ago

    Preach sister! No more excuses I have certainly found myself feeling so much better when I am eating healthier foods. It has definitely been more beneficial for my mental health and well-being. I have found more energy and I have been so much happier

  • Imogen Lea 1 week ago

    My name is imie xxPlease give me a shout out !!! I didn't realise how amazing you guys are !! You are so inspirational and I love watching all your videos the recipies for the meals are so good I use them because I'm trying to loose weight and thanks to you guys I have lost 1stone
    already!!! Please give me a shout out I would really appreciate it!!!