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The Bliss pack is now reformulated for faster fat loss results for women, its now called the Royal Queen, you can get it here with free shipping:
Pre Workout (On sale now):
Protien: && BCAA’s:

Email me with any questions:

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Its 100% legit, been using it for about 2 years now!
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Right into your Paypal or they send you a check.
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FTC: Not sponsored.


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  • H Garcia 2 weeks ago

    Omg!! That couch! I love it! Where'd you get??

  • Rhonda Whitt 2 weeks ago

    Hi! Do you know if Royal 21 queen affects birth control?

  • Ashley Lopez 2 weeks ago

    Do they still sell this, can't find it anywhere!!!

  • Gloria Perez 2 weeks ago

    I just got my stack yesterday … eeeek

  • Katherine Stephens 2 weeks ago

    Hey girl, i don't know if you still take these, but PLEASE be careful with thyroid effecting supplements! Having an overactive thyroid can be really dangerous also! I have an underactive thyroid and its a constant struggle to do bloodwork and make sure they are in a very specific range – low isn't good but high can put a lot of strain on your organs! Just had to put that out there from my years of thyroid experience :/

  • Ashley Allison 2 weeks ago

    I'm looking for something like this but I work out in the afternoon after I get off at work… help me?!

  • nelly garcia 2 weeks ago

    Hello jordan soo i bought the stack with your link i want to just be sure how to take them is it 1royal queena and 2 t21 im just really confused i know the one for sleeping is just 1 pill

  • Bri AngelDoll 2 weeks ago

    Omg girl I'm trusting you! Im a purchase it because I want to start my jurney

  • Jordan Cheyenne 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys the Bliss Pack has been reformulated for optimal fat loss results for women, you can find it here now:

  • Teresa Gould 2 weeks ago

    Hey Jordan! is this bliss go pack not available anymore?

  • Ronda Harmon 2 weeks ago

    Did you say you have an Amazon store?

  • Katy Bell 2 weeks ago

    are you still taking? I need a good weight lose supplement

  • Alicia Schmidt 2 weeks ago

    So happy for u!! I ordered the bliss go pack! Thank you for the free shipping! I had ordered the level 1 last week and it should come in tomorrow!

  • Maja Coneva 2 weeks ago

    can you use these if you are taking birth control

  • Cristina's Endeavors 2 weeks ago

    Just got my Bliss pack , can't wait to start

  • Divis 956 2 weeks ago

    i have thyriod,so if i drink these its ok??

  • Iris Suarez 2 weeks ago

    quick question- do you do it 5 or 7 days??

  • Scout Mott 2 weeks ago

    Are you still taking these products???

  • Angela Gaston 2 weeks ago

    Where is the link for free shipping sistahh?!!?!

  • Yalla_June_Balloon 2 weeks ago

    I adore you! I have gotten so out of shape during this past year of grad school. You are such an inspiration to get myself together again.

  • aneema chowdhury 2 weeks ago

    What do u eat post cardio?

  • Marolyn 143 2 weeks ago

    Hi, great review. Im looking into this product. Are you still using it? happy with the results and recommend it?

  • Amber Ganoe 2 weeks ago

    I took the NLA for Her Stack from and it gave me a huge headache. I think it had green tea in it…wonder if I could take this stack with no issues?

  • CaramelChic88 2 weeks ago

    have u tried super hd?

  • carisa s 2 weeks ago

    Jordan I have a question about the protein shake ! I just got it in the mail and it does taste delicious btw :) )) I got the peanut butter cup flavor. but it doesn't come with a scooper ! how much do you put in your shakes? the directions are pretty vague lol

  • yaxsselin Valenzuela 2 weeks ago

    Hey I have a question is the bliss 5 days on and 2 off

  • Blankita Gottboe 2 weeks ago

    quick questions. do you work out at home ? or gym ????

  • Gabriella Greco 2 weeks ago

    Hi. How big are the pills? Can you show it in a video? I'm not a big pill taker