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Hey guys! This is an honest review of my experience using old school labs far burner. Check them out on amazon or their website!


For All


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  • benjianubis 3 weeks ago

    That's all great…but every time you say something, try not to use so much in every sentence um, um, um, um, um….

  • TheOneandPrettyOne07 3 weeks ago

    That's amazing!!! I'm happy for you.

  • INdegenous 3 weeks ago

    Did u start off with 1pill 2x a day?

  • Raul Quintanilla 3 weeks ago

    Quick question? Did it make you feel weird for the first 3 days? I'm on second day and feel like my blood sugar is low, hopefully it'll get better after the 3rd day of taking 1 capsule twice a day,

  • Bon3 Smasher $5 3 weeks ago

    Just wanted to tell you that you are very beautiful

  • KD KD 3 weeks ago

    how many pills you took

  • is this tested for banned substances?

  • Lia Radulian 3 weeks ago

    Hi Kristine. Are u taking the pills 30 min before meals or together with the meals ? Thank you

  • LuneNoir 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the simple, informative review!