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Today I’ll be trying the NEW Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation! This $40.00 foundation promises to give you full coverage, flawless, long lasting Instagram skin in a bottle!!! I tested the foundation out for 3 days and have some serious thoughts to share with you! Do you think it works? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!!

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The Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation is $40.00 and is available here →




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  • Grace McCulloch 2 weeks ago

    if anyone uses fenty foundation shade 150, what shade are you in the huda beauty foundation?

  • Tiana Salvador 2 weeks ago

    NIKKIE! Your skin is looking amazing these days

  • Jenna Broumley 2 weeks ago

    People really need to stop hating on your lips there just jealous lol and your beautiful overall ♥️

  • Marissa Vaughan 2 weeks ago

    I’m so with you on the foundation lips.

  • Amy Collinsworth 2 weeks ago

    I just ordered this! I’ve been trying out foundations for my wedding & i’ve been on the fence until this video.

  • nittoburn4 2 weeks ago

    hey guys its barefacetutorials here lol

  • Chlois.Dance 968 2 weeks ago

    U held up the lid of the concealer and I was like Casper where u at??

  • Pilar Arredondo 2 weeks ago

    Haven’t found the perfect foundation still looking, but my go to concealer is tarte shape tape just love everything about it!!!

  • Boston_Mama84 2 weeks ago

    Btw I

  • Boston_Mama84 2 weeks ago

    So obsessed with the NARS Creamy Matte Concealer pot. I purchased it the day it was released and such a tiny bit goes a long way so its worth every penny and covers EVERYTHING

  • Kaci Costello 2 weeks ago

    Is this foundation good for v v dry skin ?

  • Amber Topps 2 weeks ago

    My favourite foundation at the moment is actually your holy grail foundation, the Lancôme ultra wear foundation. And we’re the exact same shade! I got it and the next day I was watching one of your videos and you said it was your favourite too and I was so shook

  • Kiera Xx 2 weeks ago

    mac studio fix NW13 Xxxx

  • Jess Van 2 weeks ago

    Lol I love u u are so funny and I have been watching your videos since I practically got an account on YouTube and the way you are about yourself oh my god that's like me

  • Perla Isa 2 weeks ago

    Is it better than dermacol?

  • Bahar Torlak 2 weeks ago

    Which shade is it?

  • Brianna Faircloth 2 weeks ago

    U should come out with cheep full coverage makeup line

  • MudBabe95 2 weeks ago

    You should do a video reviewing Mary Kay liquid foundation.

  • Your Dude 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that this is not that much makeup?

  • Bahar Patang 2 weeks ago

    Love this girl

  • Kelsey Chapman 2 weeks ago

    Satisfying watching you put on foundation. Love youuu. ❤