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Green Tea Fat Burner increases your calorie burning ability in fast-acting Liquid Soft-Gels.* This product has been formulated to provide a highly concentrated form of green tea extract combined with caffeine that, while not literally “melting” fat off the body, has been shown to:

Increase calorie burning (thermogenesis) and kick-start your fat burning ability (fat oxidation)*
Supply powerful antioxidant protection*

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  • Glenn Archangel17 2 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for this video. I just purchased these a few hours ago.

  • Angelina Flores 2 weeks ago

    Could I continue drinking my biotin with green tea pills ?

  • ghassi fufa 2 weeks ago

    is green tea extract reduces testostrone level of man plz clear me sir thanks

  • sparkplug T 2 weeks ago

    Damn good way to kill yourself. EGEC in high doses can destroy your liver and the effects could be permanent. Take a good hard look at the warning label and you might find it in all they bullshit health claims

  • Cookyourwaytoglory 2 weeks ago

    On intermetting fasting ……can we take this fat burner on empty stomach? i mean on fasting state

  • El Blog de Ale Ale ¡Una Chilanga por el Mundo! 2 weeks ago

    Hi! I'm so happy!! I just found those pills in my kitchen :) I was doubting if I should take them or not and now I will for sure! thanks for the info, here you have a new follower.

  • Stephannie Reeves 2 weeks ago

    Does caffeine give u jitters no make u have to much energy just a little bit how long does it take lose weight

  • Julie O'Karma 2 weeks ago

    Green tea fat burner give me a lot of energy but better than coffee

  • mslovely445 2 weeks ago

    Your so cute and this video was so helpful

  • Joseph Armstrong 2 weeks ago

    I tried everything out there even a 1800 cal diet I'm on right now and I want to try the green tea fat burner pills already tried the herbal Greentree thank you

  • Joseph Armstrong 2 weeks ago

    Does taking the green tea fat burner pills lower bad LDL cholesterol and along with dieting and exercise I'm only 19 years old and I asked these questions because I have bad LDL have cholesterol and my doctors want me to lose weight they want me to lose up to 200 pounds in one month to get rid of my bad area I'll have cholesterol

  • Pee Vita 2 weeks ago

    nice how many pill should i take daily ? and when is the best time to take ?