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Check out my experience using the BodyBoss guide, a new fitness program, where you can workout anytime, anywhere (perfect for busy moms like me!). For more info, click here: *Sponsored video but all opinions are my own.

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  • Scott Barnes 1 month ago

    Great video! This program sounds perfect for my crazy event planner life!! (Loved the appearances from the little guy, too)

  • Colleen Reid 1 month ago

    I need this book in my life asap!

  • Lawson Roberts 1 month ago

    This seems like even I could figure it out. Great Video! Thanks for making it easy!!

  • Lindsay Krauss Weinberg 1 month ago

    Sounds great for busy mamas!

  • Martini0821 1 month ago

    What an awesome guide! Anywhere fitness that gets the job done is so hard to find when you are traveling! Way to go NYCFITFAM!! #bossbody

  • Kaylen Brassard 1 month ago

    Love that there is a pre-training program for people that may be starting from the beginning :)

  • Julie Ann Miles 1 month ago

    Great review!

  • Alicia Reich 1 month ago

    YES! This is amazing. Cannot wait to check it out. With a crazy schedules, these are the tips i need. Thanks Lady! You always know the coolest things. X

  • Mary Koshy 1 month ago

    Thanks for the review! Gotta check it out now & you make it look so fun.

  • Kimia Kalbasi 1 month ago

    Always love all of your tips! Keep killin it fam <3

  • Rachel Greenstein Maltese 1 month ago

    Great review! I think I may try the book!

  • Sarah Krauss 1 month ago

    Love that #sideshuffle

  • Sarah Krauss 1 month ago

    Great review! Looks so easy to follow!!

  • Jul Fitmom 1 month ago

    This book looks really awesome!

  • Christopher Schrier 1 month ago

    Love this! Perfect routine in the morning before getting my day started. How simple, 24 minutes 3 days a week. Great!

  • Rachel Kasab 1 month ago

    This looks so easy to follow — I'm always looking for great workouts that I can do anywhere and with minimal equipment. Thanks for the review, @nycfitfam, you sure looked great doing it ;) xo

  • Rachel Becker 1 month ago

    Love this! Will have to try myself!

  • Danielle Radulski 1 month ago

    Wow this looks like such an amazing program! Talk about a good workout