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The start to my new series on Integrative & Functional Nutrition with the much requested topics on Gut Health. Please share this with those who may find this helpful.

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Kara Corey is a Registered Dietitian and WNBF Bikini Pro. I provide science based information to help you live a fit and healthy life. I created the supplement line RD Nutrition with Fitburn being the very best fat burner on the market today. I have helped change thousands of peoples lives so they can lead a healthier happier life.

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  • Holly Hickman 3 months ago

    Sorry to talk everyone's ear off, but do you think you could do a Q&A at some point in the series? That would be really helpful!

  • Holly Hickman 3 months ago

    Hey Kara! I just wanted to say I am so excited and thankful that you are doing this series. After my last competition, I lost sight a bit of my health goals. I was eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, but that hasn't served me well. I am not sure if it was a long time coming and a poor diet was the straw that broke the camel's back or if it was caused by my downward spiral within my eating habits. My gut has somewhat shut down on me. (Not to be gross) but I can't poop without taking a pill or seeing a colonics specialist for a hydrocolon cleanse. My gynecologist thought I had tumors in my uterus because of the severe amount of bloating I have. My gastroenterologist thought I had Crohn's disease. Our next guess is a possible hormone imbalance. I need answers since I am going into my next prep, and I am really hoping this series will help me implement new ideas or uncover a problem I hadn't noticed before. Thanks so much, I love your channel!

  • Lindy Ford Nutrition & Wellness 3 months ago

    Thanks, Kara. I'm an RD have COMPLETELY changed my practice to a functional one. My patients are greatly benefited.

  • Mallory Reilly 3 months ago

    Kara, I am so excited! I trust you and the information you put out there. You're honest and no-bs. This is something I'm very interested in but with full time grad school and rotations… I do not have time to research this area myself. As I commute I'm pumped to be learning from you!!

  • rachel labit 3 months ago

    Love this series!!!!

  • NelliVilhelmiina 3 months ago

    Seems very interesting!!

  • Hunter Brown. 3 months ago

    I am so incredibly excited for this series ! So interested in this topic and I feel like so many others are beginning to open up about discussing this topic as well

  • Shannon Castillo 3 months ago

    Love the topic! Looking forward to part two, containing information on how to incorporate this into every day routines

  • Melinda Menendez 3 months ago

    This video changed my whole day! I watched this morning while getting ready for work and completely shaped how I ate today. I even stopped my Whole Foods on my way home to pick up more fruits & veggies! Thanks Kara!!

  • Lauren Parnass 3 months ago

    I am very excited about this series! I deal on a daily basis with digestive issues and am loooking forward to learning from the information you share with us. Thank you so much.