Added by on September 14, 2017

Here is a video of my photoshoot with Arsenik Studios!

Over the summer I decided to participate in Body Systems Transformation challenge. It is a 90 day fitness & nutrition plan. After only a few months I noticed a huge difference in myself both physically and mentally. I had so much more energy, started losing weight and was always in such a better mood! At the end of the challenge, most of the participants do a photoshoot to capture their “After” pictures. It was so much fun!

Join me as I start the next round of the challenge Sept. 10!

For more information visit or their instagram: @bodysystemsnutrition

As always, you can follow my journey on my instagram: @fitforafeastofficial

Huge thanks to Jo from Arsenik Studios for the wonderful pictures!

Thank you so much to Cherry for the spray tan, makeup and hair! Follow her instagram: @cherrydollsbeauty

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