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It would seem as though the Photoshop trend never ends. All the top fitness models are being caught using Photoshop. Sian Walton is now the athlete in question.
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  • Banana Seeds y'all! 2 weeks ago

    Pin me up Scottie boy

  • Rambo Clarke 2 weeks ago

    here we go, most of these people are fakes. photo shop fuck tards

  • RJ TheJet Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    Shirt tucked, pants high. #NewYearNewMe

  • Snap City 2 weeks ago

    keep exposing

  • Minovey Mclean 2 weeks ago

    Do a vid on the hodgetwins

  • RoCCo CarmeLL 2 weeks ago

    I preffer her with smaller ass, no need for photoshop stupid BEE :D

  • TheEryk03 2 weeks ago

    I want to be that line.

  • Jess Latta 2 weeks ago

    Thats mah boi!! Edoggos poppin ya naughty??

  • Icenflamesrush 2 weeks ago

    I would love to see some more natty or not vids of women, I see many girls that are huge but still look feminine but also are strong as oxes.

    Someone like Katie Sheridan for example.

  • Famous Jameis 2 weeks ago

    You need to call out fake natty Terron Beckham. I remember seeing one of his older QnAs where he says he's never used roids

  • Parker Neal 2 weeks ago

    I have never seen a channel grow this fast. Been here since 10k and glad to see your channel growing at this rate bro!

  • Markers 2 weeks ago

    Can you do a video on Fraser Wilson?

  • emorr747 2 weeks ago

    The ultimate pretty man I've ever seen. I love it haha

  • breacher 2 weeks ago

    almost 100k

  • breacher 2 weeks ago

    gymshark sponsoring photshopped and roid bs

  • Pongii 2 weeks ago

    Your profile picture is legit photoshop stfu

  • TezoRS 2 weeks ago

    do a video on armz korlone!! he claims natty, thumbs up so he can see

  • Erik Arnald 2 weeks ago

    I's still tap tho

  • Mundane Magick 2 weeks ago

    While many of you consider Kenny's videos a much needed hero in these deceptive times, you all have to look at how videos like these are actually hurting the fitness industry in the long run. Yes, we all know that enhancement in supports is common place. Roids, etc. But the problem is that when videos like these start becoming trendy, MORE PEOPLE will start using photoshop just to get on K.O.'s radar. In other words, free publicity. Castleberry may be fake as hell but you can not knock his physique or deny that people calling him out as increased his popularity so much that even pro athletes (strongmen, etc) are calling him out. More publicity. This will eventually lead to a lowering of standards in the fitness industry to a point where (and I'm gonna call it now) something like obesity is going to be seen as 'fit". – To the rational mind that seems like BS but remember the market being targeted. Impressionable people. "Oil" gains blew up across the world because of what….? Publicity. "Why do these instagram models keep photoshopping themselves??" many keep asking. The answer is simple. "People keep talking about them." – The real reason, in my world view, why open bodybuilding is falling off is social media. People, like Kenny, start trends outside of the competition circle which then affects how the inner circle is formatted. Think Lui and the bubble bubble double trouble gut. Lui, if I'm not mistaken, has just recently been put under the guillotine because of his influence. For anyone that listens to hip hop, it is the same with DJ Akademiks and "mumble rap". I highly enjoy these videos but we cant ignore the long term affects of constantly calling people out. Eventually, your going to degrade the entire system to a point where someone counter intuitive is going start catching people's attention and become the new "trending" topic. Is Kenny truly the light in the darkness or the fire that burns down the neighborhood? Food for thought.

  • Ewan Wragg 2 weeks ago

    Make a video on why the supplement industry is BS