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  • OurLovelyJourney 2 weeks ago

    This is a cool workout video !!

  • el h. 2 weeks ago

    love the workout videos courtney! i've been also not going to the gym for about 2 months so they're really motivating and helpful to me

  • Sam Rose 2 weeks ago

    Please do more videos like this

  • norm loughran 2 weeks ago

    It’s lovely to see you in the gym again . Last time we saw you , you went for a check up . What’s the news from that ? I hope all is well . Love you as always . Norm.xxxx

  • TheGlamDream 2 weeks ago

    Love your workout videos!!

  • Joseph Xavier Lane 2 weeks ago

    Can't believe Steve hasn't asked you to marry him yet…

  • 127EZ 2 weeks ago

    Need to see you doing workouts with Steve. Couple workout.

  • Amanda Asad 2 weeks ago

    Your skin is FLAWLESS just wow

  • Tammy Polley 2 weeks ago

    Loved the workout video, would like to see some cooking videos.

  • Brenda Herrera 2 weeks ago

    Youre such a virgo

  • Nicole Emrich 2 weeks ago

    I am loving your workout videos

  • adam roberts 2 weeks ago

    Can still hear that chikaagoooooo accent

  • Kathryn Greenizen 2 weeks ago

    Courtney, lovely video as always. As a tip from a rower and coach, I would recommend looking up the form that rowers use on the machine to get more out of your cardio with the erg. It should be a primarily leg focused movement, with a squeeze of your quads and glutes, a hinge at the hips and your arms almost acting as an accessory to the movement. You not only get a lot more out of it in terms of cardiovascular work but also help prevent any strain on your back. I believe Concept2 even makes instructional videos on it. Hope this is helpful :)

  • Karen Nadherny 2 weeks ago

    Love your workout videos!  They are difficult but, very effective!  Thank you!