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This is what worked for me. Will it work for you? Chances are yes but we’re all slightly different so don’t expect the exact same results. But also remember to be honest with yourself. Don’t skip two or three things on this list and then complain you can’t seem to see results. It’s going to take doing all these things to find success.

Number one – find a TDEE calculator online using Google search.

Number two – pick a goal.

Number three – find your macros.

Number four – Find a calorie and macro tracking app.

Ok, number five – STAY CONSISTENT.

Let me repeat that: STAY CONSISTENT.

Number six – Find a good workout routine.

Number seven – take progress pictures.

Ok, that wraps up the guide. Is it simple? Definitely. Did I cover everything? Absolutely not. I could easily make a two hour video on calories alone but I wanted a very simple guide which wasn’t overwhelming. Why? Because the goal is getting you onto the road to transforming yourself, not holding your hand the entire way. Will it be tough? Yes. Will you probably want to give up a time or two. Yes. But remember: if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Ask yourself how bad you really want this. Do you want to transform yourself or do you just want to tell yourself you’ll transform yourself someday. Hell no. Get up, start kicking ass and make it a reality. If I did it, I sure as hell know you can too. The Buff Dudes believe in you.

BIG, HUGE SPECIAL THANKS to these PATREON BUFF DUDES and GRRRLS who helped to make this video possible!!

Michael Weber
Rachel DaSilva
James Bissonette
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Neesh Shah
Chin Long Chan

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Shot, Written, Edited, Starring: Hudson

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  • Buff Dudes 3 months ago

    A lot has been going on these past couple months on a personal level for me – Marriage, kid on the way, a big move…and in the process is was REALLY hard to keep a consistent schedule. I used our upcoming Cutting Plan which we'll be releasing in NOVEMBER to kick my own ass and get into shape. Hope these tips work for you as well! -Hudson

  • Peckham Chanel 3 months ago

    Before shot – looks like a hard nut bruiser.
    After shot- looks like a gay swede

  • Fran Egea 3 months ago

    La leyenda de Sansón es real!!

  • matthew griffin 3 months ago

    Dieting in the Chicago area this last month was brutal. Every weekend there is a food festival somewhere within walking distance. Octoberfest-type festivals. The craft beer was flowing like wine. I still managed to drop a few pounds. What will October bring?

  • Harold Meme'son 3 months ago

    yay finally this channel comes up in reccomended again

  • silly wabbit 3 months ago

    LOL the before is the after pic.

  • San Yang 3 months ago

    Is the macro calculations for fat wrong?
    From your calculations of 65g of fat it is 25% of fat not 20%

  • DavidKFZ 3 months ago

    The advice is so simple but it's so true, you follow the golden rules and be CONSISTENTCONSISTENTCONSISTENT – results come when you stick at it! This video is ideal for people who need the first step

  • DaKussh 3 months ago

    Pro tips were learned today

  • Reaction Point 3 months ago

    I occasionally like a video, that is 1 out of millions, and this is one I give 1 million likes.

  • River Lopez 3 months ago

    he was already muscular so only he needed to burn the fat. Its called muscle memory where the body already know the process to getting fit. He went from getting fit to gaining weight, to getting fit. (unless he is using reverse psychology with the pictures?) Anyhow, to see your muscles you must burnt the fat. To burn fat you must eat lean protein, AVOID REFINE CARBOHYDRATES (HUMAN MADE FOOD) eat greens like no one business, drink chicken or turkey bone broth (1 cup has 9 grams of protein) 1 quart has 36 grams of protein. Avoid refine carbs as much as you can since carbs turns into sugar and the body can't process sugars so it turns into pure fat. Last but not least, follow your instincts and listen to your body.
    Great video!! I am myself on the road to getting shredded…

  • Jason Jackson 3 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic video – 1,000 thank you's.

    I have always been a cardio/CrossFit type of workout fan – it isn't better, it is simply different & a personal choice, and I let myself go for a couple of years. Even though I love the workout challenges, complacency has weakened me – my mind. Thank you for the reminder that it is all relatively simple & consistency is the key. Before watching this video I completed day one.

    My "before" pic will show how my hard earned six pack turned into a keg

  • Vegan Rap 3 months ago

    Why don't you share what cycles you do

  • Francisco Castanheira 3 months ago

    what about sugar

  • Fit Lane Fitness Health and Fitness vlog 3 months ago

    But you werent fat in those pictures

  • Elcris4 3 months ago

    best video ever

  • Mark S 3 months ago

    This video is literally the only thing you need in order to reach your fitness goals. Amazing how many books and videos are made out there. This is really all you need. I accomplished my goals following these exact principles.