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Fireside Chat #2: Yakov Boyko with Loren Lockman. Raw food. Health. Nutrition

In this conversation Loren Lockman and Yakov Boyko discuss the impact of plant-based raw food on life and wellness, emotional side of food, fasting and many other topics.

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  • Sissi Shmidt 3 weeks ago

    I wanna say thank you for your channel! I`m in love with all themes, information, etc.)

  • Andreas Isat 3 weeks ago

    очень интересное интервью, жаль что пришлось прервать беседу. Хотелось бы услышать немного о процедуре голодания, подготовка и.т.д. Интересно было услышать мнение о клизмах. Нужны ли они, или всё же без них голодают

  • Dream In Autumn 3 weeks ago

    I really loved your vegan video! It's brilliant to spread the word about how amazing a vegan lifestyle can be!
    Please continue to inspire, uplift and educate! :D Eating plant based and GF changed my entire life – it's amazing! :D
    I'm a vegan travel vlogger – I just quit my job and will be moving abroad to travel full time in 8 weeks!
    Please check out my videos if you have a spare moment! I recently made some minimalist ones too!
    I liked and subscribed to you!
    Best wishes, Marie :D xx