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  • 李啟銘 3 months ago


  • SPONGE KNOB SQUARE NUTS 3 months ago

    Build for hardcore sex dammm I want one of these toys asap

  • Dadang 2017 3 months ago

    No Pain No Gain !!

  • Vineet Neware 3 months ago


  • Mega Body 3 months ago

    To get a body together, it takes a lot of dedication!

  • robert martinez 3 months ago

    Girl at the ATM is a moron. Has to do it there waiting for money because she’s so hardcore I guess???

  • GSQUAD/Fan 3 months ago

    A motivation for mens

  • 1StepCloser2theedge1 3 months ago

    The hottest fitness models ever!

  • Минас Вартапетян 3 months ago

    U F M – excellent channel !

  • The 1 That made it 3 months ago

    Every time I see Dolly Castro I stand tall

  • Edward Tucker 3 months ago

    Love you sexy body

  • JoshAdams 3 months ago

    Just found your channel and can see you are very passionate and love what you do! I'm totally into health and fitness too! I usually post recipes and workout videos but today I posted the 10K Calorie Challenge!! It'd be sweet if you watched and told me what you think?☺️

  • Ultimate Fitness Motivation 3 months ago

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