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Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plans aka Crash Diets (Should You Follow Them)

Extreme Weight loss diets are also called fad/crash diets which are followed by lots of people to lose weight as quickly as possible. Some of these diets are General Motors Diet, Master Cleanse Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet and even Blood Group Diet which can make you lose weight quickly. In fact some of these diets can even make you lose as much as 5 kgs in less than 14 days, sounds Great Right??? But let me give you few reasons as to why you should not follow such weight loss diets –

1. All the weight comes back — All the weight that you lose with these weight loss diets comes back. All these diets reduce your daily calorie intake as low as possible because of which you lose weight quickly unfortunately its impossible to keep your calorie intake low forever. So max to max you can follow these weight loss diets for 7 days, 14 Days or even 21 days but the moment you come back to your normal eating pattern all the weight comes bouncing back.

2. Extreme weight loss diets leads to muscle loss, slower metabolic rate and even serious health problems — More the amount of muscle you have faster is your metabolic rate but lesser the amount of muscle you have slower is your metabolic rate. Now when you drastically reduce your calorie intake your body goes into a survival mechanism state wherein it starts holding back on to your fat tissue and starts eating onto your muscle tissue for your energy requirements. This is not good for fat loss as muscle tissue is the only thing in your body that enhances your metabolic rate (calorie burning capacity), now that you have lesser muscle tissue you have an even slower metabolic rate (compared to what it was before the diet) and that’s why you will gain all the weight back. Now when I am talking about muscle loss I am not just talking about losing muscle tissue from your chest, bicep,triceps or legs, I am also talking about losing muscles from inside your body like heart, brain, liver and kidney which is serious as losing weight from internal organs can lead to serious health problems.

3. Extreme Weight Loss Diets cause Irritation, Mood swings and Depression — Your body needs vitamins namely C and B 6 to produce two neuro transmitters like Dopamine and serotine which helps you keep your mood stable and happy. Now when you drastically reduce your calorie intake your body does not enough of these vitamins which in turn leadS to irritation, mood swings and in some cases severe depression.

4. Extreme Weight Loss Diets leads to Poor skin quality, hair quality and osteoporosis –Fad diets lack nutrition and can cause nutritional deficiency of various vitamins and minerals in your body. Following these weight loss diets regularly can cause poor skin quality, which is about having skin with spots and wrinkles, can cause poor hair quality which means hair fall, poor hair texture and baldness and can even cause osteoporosis which is about thinning of your bones.

All in all crash diets are extremely unhealthy and you should seriously think about all these consequences before following such weight loss diets.

Raghav Pande is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Performance Nutrition.

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  • Prashant More 3 weeks ago

    kabhi Hindi mai bolo mere bhai

  • Vasya Yatsenko 3 weeks ago

    This time I will use WooPep guide to learn about it more.

  • Hyder Ali 3 weeks ago

    Raghav .how to lose weight In Summer

  • KRISHNA SHARMA 3 weeks ago

    bro if we lose more than 2.5 like 4 will it be harmful

  • Fatima Turabi 3 weeks ago

    can u suggest a diet .healthy diet on regular basis

  • Fatima Turabi 3 weeks ago

    thnx raghav,.nyc vid to share.

  • chris thor 3 weeks ago

    How can you eat frequently but count calories it seems to complicated

  • ryan vaughan 3 weeks ago

    My classmates laughed when I told them I would get rid of fat with Zippy Fat Loss, but then they saw the results. Go google Zippy Fat Loss to see their reaction.

  • Vadym Shestak 3 weeks ago

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    "All right. Let's get out to breakfast."

    Then out of this unintelligible creature the last thunders broke.

    important from our point of view, he owns a motor-car."
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  • Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness 3 weeks ago

    Hey man for personalized nutrition and workout plan pls check out my website

  • Megan Brodsky 3 weeks ago

    @l544jkl I can't agree with you! The best way to lose weight is to do 5 or 6 small meals a day besides there are many to enjoy all foods and lose weight at the same time in a totally healthy way, a doctor told me that!
    Actually the link to his method is on my profile's description, I followed his full method and lost tooooo much weight! I'm happy now :)

  • belthazormn1 3 weeks ago

    I usually follow the low carb diet to lose weight. What do you think about that?

  • Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness 3 weeks ago

    Yup you are right bro fats are essential ….. but all fats healthy or unhealthy have same amount of calories … keep the quantity low :-)

  • slmnkh 3 weeks ago

    hey raghav, im a desi and i cant eat my daals and saalans without tarka. (basically onions fried in 2-4 Tbsp of oil alongwith garlic, spices etc) have you found some compromise between healthy meals and taste for desis? also, i avoid sugar and fats otherwise (i use fat free dairy and artificial sweeteners when needed) so is this amount of oil okay? i use extra virgin olive oil for tarka or saalans. we should ingest some fats right? when bulking and generally for healthy brain functioning?

  • saurav chakraborty 3 weeks ago

    HI ….been working out …hv also limited my diet ….but there comes a day when my mom makes something mouth watering ……and thats the time i loose it …end up eating 10-12 chapatiesssss……..Now my question is eating something like this once a week …..can it be continued??…i m 5.6 weigh 75…goal is to b 60 before new years ……

  • Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness 3 weeks ago

    Hi man, achaar and chutney are extremely high in salt and oil content , so it does lead to water retention and temporary weight water weight gain because of excessive salt …i suggest you can have it once a week :-) …thx for watching ….regards Raghav :-)

  • Mushfik Alam 3 weeks ago

    hey raghav, what do you think of achaar or chutney? i love them but they have a lot of oil in them. i still have them once a day

  • vishwesh jha 3 weeks ago

    Hey man your videos provide so much information keep putting new videos thumbs up :D cheers

  • Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness 3 weeks ago

    Hi Bharat simplest way get rid of all the processed food,eat smaller quantity & frequently and exercise regularly :-)

  • bharath kumar 3 weeks ago

    good but how reduce fat below the face it geting into double chin

  • Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness 3 weeks ago

    No medicines bro, stick with a healthy eating pattern and that's all it takes to loose weight, check out nutrition videos/playlist on my channel or visit my website

  • Sashi Ghising 3 weeks ago

    Yeah that's why he is ripped and you are not !

  • Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness 3 weeks ago

    Yeah good progress buddy, check out more nutrition and exercises videos my channel or on website

  • Sharon Hephzibah 3 weeks ago

    Thanks a lot..great videos …..I seriously got to lose weight n there I saw ur video …:-):-)on how to lose it….

  • sunstalk1 3 weeks ago

    Thanks bro…today I did the body weight cardio and wished I was a fish because I wanted to drown myself in a lake after the three cycles!!

  • Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness 3 weeks ago

    Hey man you are doing great , yeah abdominal fat is last go ……but it will go so keep at it ….regards Raghav :-)

  • sunstalk1 3 weeks ago

    If I am only losing waist size and not as much around my abdomen and chest, is something wrong? I do weights and intense cardio every alternative day and try to eat right…the way you mean it :)

    So, is something wrong? Am I losing muscle and not fat?

    Thanks man.

  • Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness 3 weeks ago

    Hi Renu, sure pls check out my channel and you will a see lot more videos on nutrition and exercise at home ….Raghav :-)