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One of the UK’s biggest and busiest obesity units has opened its doors to allow an exclusive insight into their battle with the bulge. Sunderland Royal Hospital is at the heart of one of the fattest places in the country and the Weight Loss Ward is like a conveyor belt with thousands of patients turning to the knife to beat their obesity. But before they go under the knife they need to come to terms with why they’re overeating.


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  • Bugsy Kitty 3 months ago

    Looking at all the food makes me feel gross…no offense

  • Diana Endo 3 months ago

    What's the deal with all the gravy poured all over a hospital meal? The patient doesn't even learn to taste healthy food. That pureed meal was also swimming in gravy. Is this a UK thing.

  • TheAF93 3 months ago

    I weigh 18 stones 5 pound and 1,32kg please stop this non SI-unit madness

  • Hilary Kirkby 3 months ago

    It's hard to be sympathetic, because I cannot guess why they've allowed themselves to become so big without calling a halt when it became obvious they were getting so huge.
    My other issue on this subject is: Who on earth is supplying them with all their food when they cannot get out of the house………..?

  • Finn Frank 3 months ago

    why is there a trolley of snacks in a Weight Loss Ward? that is oxymoron

  • Phidis Kings 3 months ago

    I don't understand how can a person keep doing the same thing that's causing them harm

  • Mrs Jackson 3 months ago

    All that meat , dairy and junk food people are eating. Going Vegan is one of the best things you can do for yourself, the animals and the planet. It's the future.

  • Melinda Macleod 3 months ago

    The garbage they feed them is disgusting. No wonder he wasn’t losing. They need a Holistic Nutritionist to help these people

  • ali G 3 months ago

    Totally eating a bag or Tostitos and watching this… of course if burned thousands of calories today

  • Miss Vagina 3 months ago

    Terry says what does £250 a day have to do with me??? well your wasting tax payers money Terry, maybe you have never had a job but as a taxpayer I resent that comment "what's it got to do with me"

  • Blandine Mushitu 3 months ago

    Hello where is the hospital?

  • Alicia Witcher 3 months ago

    The biggest guy,
    Did you notice he wears the same shirt every day..

  • glen mcnabb 3 months ago

    Always looking for excuses, something to blame it on besides themselves. Lack of will power & lack of exercise= fatso!

  • desertrose88 3 months ago

    the thing is, obesity is like alcoholism, or drug abuse. it is more psychological. even if you cut the half of your stomach, the brain is still going to want to eat more. i wish there was a special drug that targets the point in the brain that causes this.

  • Richard Evans 3 months ago

    bariatric surgery is not the answer, you need a stomach bigger not smaller, too eat more to weigh less, you need to work out your BMR and double the calories, you got to remember there no money in normal people, money is made from sick people with surgery & big pharma, so from the television adverts to the supermarket to the doctors to pills & tablets to being referred to Specialists, to surgery, to the graveyard. AGAIN HERE restrictions to 1500 calories per day, what a mistake, if my BMR says 2200 calories, I eat 4400 calories and make sure each day i get 10 minute walk in, THATS IT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Deasy Ohinol 3 months ago

    well i get surgery heart attack

  • Travell Bradford 3 months ago

    Poor dog did you see that dog with the man that is like 48 pounds and he can't fit the the bath room door I wish I could keep him I would wash him clean him so good and take it too the whatever it's called to get a shot so I don't think it is sic from the house

  • Wendy Knapp 3 months ago

    They cry because they are fat. But won’t stop eating useless.

  • Hera Hagstoz 3 months ago

    Having the junk food trolley go by every day would be like a drug dealer coming through a detox center everyday. That’s so so rude and unfair. Psychologically these folks are going to cheating because they can’t break the binge eating which is why they are in a place for the unwell in the first place. The doctor should try a bit harder to ban the trolley…let the nurses go to the cafeteria. As well as the patient, but there is a real psychological reason they are in that state. It’s just not right. If they can’t control their own environment for their patients I don’t think they have a reason to be upset. It goes against the medical texts they are diagnosing from. But that one guy, he needs a daily pep talk during the time the trolley comes by at the very least.

  • Sea Of Sin 3 months ago

    They are too soft with these people, this is where hard working people's taxes get spent – on this bunch who are only trying to avoid working for a living. Get your act together or get out.

  • teknodisko 3 months ago

    I weigh 2 stone, 3 rocks, 1 boulder, and a quarter pebble.

  • Phoebe Xx 3 months ago

    I am overweight and recently paid over 11k for my gastric sleeve. The way he said it's not my fault the NHS is paying makes me sick!!!! I'm not even 20 and I've paid so much money which will take me 3 years to pay off because it's my fault I'm fat!! Shame on him

  • Mama Mama 3 months ago

    ما شاء الله