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  • Dream Girl 1 month ago

    Jesus Christ you need to add some weight to your work out girl. You have NO ASS and some skinny ass legs. You look like a little boy

  • Michelle Tag 1 month ago

    You have great genetics.
    But it won't last forever.
    Gravity can be very mean to us.

    Love your channel.

  • AmethystDreaming 1 month ago

    Your ex bf calling people fat is disgusting, no wonder you ditched him!

  • AmethystDreaming 1 month ago

    Why don't you use the cycle lane?

  • CorinneyJ 1 month ago

    Those fucking pants.

  • Amy Burgermeister 1 month ago

    every body is a sexy body. yes it is awesome if you love a healthy life and have an amazing fit body and amazing fit boyfriend, but it's not right to body shame other human beings and if you are not the beings i thought you were, then i'm outta here!

  • Cece Drake 1 month ago

    Does anyone know what kind of bike that is?

  • Socially Awkward Retard 1 month ago

    Does your boyfriend have a twig kink? Is this why you are dating him?

  • Carli Ta 1 month ago

    Is your bike seat vegan?????


    Hi I really want to go vegan , but I find it hard to cut out fish however I'm getting better and my goal is to become vegan I also run everyday but can't get rid of stubborn fat on my abdomen do you have any advice or tips ? Thanks xx

  • Alicia A 1 month ago

    Everyone needs to take what she says with a grain of salt (lol!). She is not a health professional but a recovering drug addict who also suffered eating disorders. This is a diet that suits her after years of her body recovering. Obviously having this much sugar would be dangerous for some people. The best part about her lifestyle she claims that she doesn't train hard everyday but approx for at least 30 mins. Even though she is trying to make out she doesn't train hard (clearly she trains allot by what she is saying) it does show you don't have to do it hard to maintain a desired weight.

  • Khloe Lawson 1 month ago

    Girl, your dude in this video was so annoying. Maybe I have no sense of humor, but telling me that other people are better than me for no reason & not even in a joking manner would piss me off. But maybe you're more tolerant of bs than me. I'm glad you have a new guy, he's soooo much better. Lol