Added by on January 28, 2018

Welcome to my new show, Buff Bois! As I try to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet, I would like to encourage all of you to join the journey with me! With my fitness trainer, Mike Nicklas, I shall be documenting my various exercise routines and eating habits for this weekly series.

Check out Mike Nicklas’ fitness website!

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  • Shelly F 3 weeks ago

    Way to go Jirard! You can do this. I watch your shows with my son on YouTube. I love your game reviews. I saw your video about why you are doing this. I am cheering you on! I am. 44yr old mom and I work 3rd shift. Being healthy is a challenge. I am no means skinny and try my best to make good decisions with my health. I wish you the best. Be happy, be healthy, you can do it!! My son and I will continue to watch you. Take care and much love.

  • Aksh Son 3 weeks ago

    Hell if Jirad can start so can I.


  • GradientGhoul 3 weeks ago

    Since jirard uploaded this i started my weightloss/fitness lifestyle. i went from 245 to 170 pounds in 4 months! I want more buffbois!!

  • Tpoops 3 weeks ago

    it's weird because like he says, it's all because of stress he felt during school. im going through that right now and I'm gaining a lot of weight

  • Fran Lovel Šimić 3 weeks ago

    You got this! Its impossible for me to GAIN kilos xD I can do nothing all day and eat and nothing changes. Super fast metabolism is my worst enemy I think. I am sturdy but super thin. I have no prob exercising just gaining weight constantly. And I eat like 2 Jirards xD

  • JayDeeJay 3 weeks ago

    yeah jirard
    get buff

  • Biopath 3 weeks ago

    G O V E G A N

  • Allen Fieldman 3 weeks ago

    I have been struggeling with overweight as long as I can remember. I'm terrible at sports, the same snail metabolism as you yourself claim to have, and my lungs are f-ed up. I'm rooting for you and you're actually inspiring me to try and get into shape myself again! Lets do this!

  • The God Emperor 3 weeks ago

    Just a point, BMI is actually bullshit lol.

    Also, whenever I do squats, I think of FF7 XD

  • Joshua Joestar 3 weeks ago

    Go, Jirard! Become thumbnail jirard! Buff bois unite!

  • Joshua Joestar 3 weeks ago