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Oh no she did-ent! Oh yes she di-id! Mrs. Harveylicious has written a 5th rap all about the human body. Eleven systems are covered in one clean rap: circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, digestive, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, reproductive, urinary, integumentary systems! From yo head to yo toes, yo body is a network of systems working together 24/7 so you can chillax and enjoy this youtube video!


Its da body systems rap, all about anatomy
Yo body systems work as one in harmony
From yo head to yo toes, this is how the story goes
Yo body is amazing, so listen to my flow

The circulatory system is about the blood and heart
Without this major system, you would surely fall apart
Yo arteries and veins deliver oxygen to cells
Yo heart keeps it pumpin and da pressure never fails!

Speaking of cells, you got 3 major types:
They called da platelets, da red cells, and da white
You need dem platelets to clot blood when you bleed
You need da white blood cells to battle all disease

Fo sho, lets take a trip up to da lungs
Your respiratory system, aint about to be outdone!
With every inhalation, you take oxygen inside
With every exhalation, you free carbon dioxide

Thats right, your alveoli are da bomb!
They supply your blood with oxygen from dusk until da dawn!
Word up, its time to move into yo bones
So your grandmother can croon, Oh my goodness, how youve grown!

Yo bones are living tissues, they give structure and support
So be sure to drink your milk, for da calcium and more
Put yo mind on yo marrow, yo marrow on yo mind
Cuz your marrow makes your blood cells and your blood cells feed yo mind!

Im not close to being done
When it comes to talkin muscles we have only just begun

Dees guns are good for more than just for show
They help you move, they help you groove, they help you know, they help me flow!

You got 3 kinds of muscles in yo body, thats a fact
Cardiac, smooth, and skeletal; they all love to contract
And contractins what they do, day in and day out
When your breathin and digestin, its yo muscles workin out!

Uh-huh, uh-huh, I want you all to know
Your digestive system has been know to steal yo bodys show
When you grab a bite to eat, make sure you chew it well,
So yo stomach can turn it into chyme, whats that smell??

Thats the smell of yo intestines workin hard
Absorbing nutrients, to give to all yo bodys parts
And whats left? Well thats a story all its own
Well just move on to yo nervous system and leave that part alone

Wassup? Dis be yo brain
Yall know Mrs. Harvey be insane in da membrane!
But fo reals, the nervous system is da king
We control all other systems, we be runnin everything!

From yo brain to your spinal cord and down into yo nerves
We give feeling to yo body and yo mind so you can learn
Without this major system, youd be dead within a hour
So stay in school so you can give yo brain some flippin power!

Aight, so why da heck am I so moody?
Thats because yo bodys hormones are just doin their duty
Its yo endocrine system and and it regulates yo growth
It also be controlin yo temperature and mo

But what if, I get a fever and da chills?
Then yo lymphatic system comes in swiftly fo da kill!
With the help of yo white blood cells and yo liggity lymph nodes
They be openin a can of whoop–you know how it goes

One day I asked my mommy, where do babies come from?
Then she told me bout the reproductive system, uh-huh!
Girlies have two ovaries, which hold the little egg
And little boys have testes holding sperm, thats what she said

Yo body has a way of getting rid of wastes
Its da urinary system and yo kidneys rule da place!
You also rid of wastes through yo skin when you sweat
Thank yo dermis and yo sweat glands for keepin you in check!

Hold up! Is dis da end?
Weve wrapped up all da systems and its time to say amen
Yo body is amazing, treat it well and you will see
Youll live a ripe old age to teach yo kids anatomy!

– written and performed by Mrs. Harvey 5/26/09





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  • prettyboy Jay 2 months ago

    give me fitivy likes for my grandmother she just dided

  • Aidan Hanks 2 months ago

    very good but cringie

  • Megan C 2 months ago

    What song is this?

  • James Spurgeon 2 months ago

    This rap is pure

  • Dionna Gilchrist 2 months ago

    Great work!

  • Marine Fit RobShamstin 2 months ago

    yo teach said it all! thats great

  • Rebecca Parratt 2 months ago

    This is so awesome!! I am going to show video, but would love to learn and perform this for my students, they would get such a kick out of it and maybe listen to me a little longer…haha ;)

  • Holly Powell 2 months ago

    YOU GO GIRL!!! What we do to KEEP their attention!!! You're AWESOME!!! Keep it up!!!

  • Harley Frias 2 months ago

    I'm just now seeing this but I really hope I get you for 8th grade! You're the coolest!

  • iamredeemed949 2 months ago

    Haha that was pretty cool

  • JH Productions 2 months ago

    that is actually really cool!

  • Sarah Colago 2 months ago

    Mrs. Harvey,

    Is there any way I can get the script for this? This was awesome!

  • manikandan tech 2 months ago

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  • David Gomez 2 months ago

    You're so creative and in tune teaching kids an awesome way…we need more teachers like you in schools to make classes more interesting. Keep up the good work cause i will def bring my kids to your class to learn :-)

    Army Strong!

  • Nikki Dunn 2 months ago

    Yup! Totally sharing this with my class tomorrow! They're going to LOVE it!

  • bluestarcami 2 months ago

    I wish my teacher to be like this lol

  • Twinkiedee 2 months ago

    thxs for helping me cheat