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  • Irish Paddy 1 week ago

    haha product looked crap but your facial reaction was funny lol

  • bubbler891 1 week ago

    This is hilarious lol plus you haven't got them on properly they need to be completely touching your skin and they are over lapping abit and your over doing it lol

  • Boomer Male Vitality 1 week ago

    It looks like you're getting milked.

  • M.J Walsh 1 week ago

    Hilarious, definitely going to buy this now.

  • PoiS0nEsS 1 week ago

    haha you made me laugh

  • Glyn Weiss 1 week ago

    lolol really funny dude! I have one of those machines. You look like a big tough guy so the noises you're making are reallly funny!!!!!!

  • 谭子霖 1 week ago

    where can I buy the machine

  • ping yoto 1 week ago

    Lmao! I have this and when I first hooked it up nothing was happening so I too turned it full blast. Im a girl and I copied the pictures and hooked it to my chest – I blew me a frikkin way <_____> HAHAH

  • KUPPSKAGNEY 1 week ago

    HA HA HA. I so remember when I first tried a similar type of gear. Because it worked in pulses, I thought it wasnt working, so I turned the power all the way up. !!!!! Yeah OOWWW. LOL..  Hows the photography going Dom? Hope your doing better than I am.  Havnt seen your vids in a while just came across this one.  

  • Someday Soon 1 week ago

    This device is for none breathing muscles type 2'b, you need to have some glucose tablets at hand if you want to burn fat with this device, take 2 glucose tablets, wait ten mins and start it off for about an hour. if you want to add more mass to your muscles add whey protein and glucose together and drink it as a liquid.

  • grant trigg 1 week ago

    takes the pain away for me

  • grant trigg 1 week ago

    ive had to get one because of no lower back muscle to hold spine up

  • Voqee - 0.1k! 1 week ago

    im dying XD

  • was looking on how these things work they have about 50 different types on ebay, i found this vid and cant stop laughing, not sure weather its put me off or made me want one more,,, good vid tho

  • Tight-Defence Cus D'amato 1 week ago

    dude,, you start with a low setting and turn it up bit by bit till your on full lols

  • Vasya Korgan 1 week ago

    Hi! I'm Ryan.I did -15 lbs past 7 days.Visit

  • Mariusz Łysik 1 week ago

    Useless when u have hairy chest or abs

  • Keiren Mac 1 week ago

    This was great :D

  • Luke Shervey 1 week ago

    Upload some more of these, that was funny lol

  • Andy Jones 1 week ago

    hahaha this was so funny!

  • dombower 1 week ago

    I think all video will have to start from now on with some EMS fun

  • Peter Ford 1 week ago

    Lmfao i got tears rolling down my face so funny…thanks dom

  • ragnarocking 1 week ago

    lmfao – i hope that this goes viral.

  • jack jones 1 week ago

    i have a version of one of these and they are e-stim (electrical stimulation) devices… i got one for pain management but it is like … more therapy than i could ever imagine it building any muscle… it has it's pros and cos… nice thing is it is pain management without any medication. but this video cracked me up… most e-stim machines have intensity controls and you could start much, much lower. but the video did make me laugh a bit, i will admit. so thanks man!

  • Edward Carlile 1 week ago

    Fucking hilarious!

  • akagodofheaven 1 week ago

    This made me laugh so hard ! It like he is enjoying having pain from that "thing from hell"

  • dombower 1 week ago

    stretch marks from when i was a fatso

  • Ger Mestrum 1 week ago

    Big LOL I could not stop laughing…. I imagine the street lights were dimming on your electrical inquisition tool lol… Btw what happened in your armpits.. Looks like bruises

  • dombower 1 week ago

    i sure hope so, I took some immodium (anti dihorea stuff) and man i am clogged up!!!