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The absolute best skincare of 2017!! These are the products that completely changed my skin throughout the last 12 months. They help with acne, texture, oily skin and other skin concerns! I’m so happy I found them!!

⋆S O C I A L M E D I A⋆
SNAPCHAT: @nikkiajoy

⋆P R O D U C T S U S E D⋆
Dermalogica Pre Cleanse
Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser
Clarisonic Mia II Device
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
Glam Glow Super Mud Mask
Hylamide Hylauronic Acid
The Ordinary Rosehip Seed Oil
Sunday Riley Good Genes
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil

Dermalogica, Glam Glow, Clarisonic & Sunday Riley products are all available at Mecca stores here in Australia xx

For all enquiries please contact
Australian specific enquiries please contact MAX CONNECTORS (

⋆R E L A T E D V I D E O S⋆

⋆C O U P O N S + D I S C O U N T S⋆

The ‘Slay All Day’ is seriously the BEST setting spray for oily skin!! I also love their lipsticks & liquid lips!
Use coupon code “JOY” for 30% off your order!

Amazing highlighters & liquid lipsticks!!
Use Code ‘NIKKIAJOY’ for 30% off!

Use code ‘NIKKIAJOY’ to save 10% off any Sigma Brushes!!

⋆W H O A M I?⋆
▽I am an Australian Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger. Here on my channel you will learn tips and tricks on how to apply makeup, beauty & skincare product recommendations and ways to save money on makeup! I also upload easy step by step makeup tutorials that will teach you how to master any makeup look, from a dramatic smokey eye to a soft sun kissed glow! I share tidbits and recommendations that I have learned over the years working as a professional makeup artist in Australia – I am also a qualified Paramedic/Nurse and continue to work in these roles outside of makeup (I lead the ultimate double life!!) – I’ve got your back when it comes to long wearing makeup for shift workers!

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  • Sohana Haider 1 week ago

    What about moisturizers and sunscreen? :(

  • Emily A 1 week ago

    Please show us your fake tan routine! Would love to see more get ready with me videos. What foundation/concealer are you wearing here?

  • Emily A 1 week ago

    Does the clay cleanser remove makeup? Or will I need to use something else first?

  • Amanda Pace 1 week ago

    In what order do you use these products???

  • Emily A 1 week ago

    How many syringes of lip filler do you get? You’re looking great forehead smoooth and cheeks/under eyes smooth and plump. So nice x

  • Pierina Colina 1 week ago

    Giiiiiirl what lipstick is that

  • Laura Stuto 1 week ago

    I absolutely love Dermalogica too! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  • Melinda Adams 1 week ago

    I agree the Sunday Riley oil is pretty great, but I also love the Kiehls midnight recovery concentrate for a nighttime oil! I've been using this for years! As I mentioned I do love the Sunday Riley oil (thanks to your suggestion ^_^), however the Kiehls one is more affordable. If you've tried it, I'd love to hear your thoughts! I have combination skin :)

  • Deepti Ghai Sharma 1 week ago

    thanks for sharing :)

  • Ainslee R 1 week ago

    Are you still uploading a 'best of drugstore skincare' video?

  • Stephanie Brown 1 week ago

    thank you so so much for this video…my a sister that has the same skin like yours…the struggle is real. going out to get the other Dermalogica products

  • just-pure-mindless-fangirliness 1 week ago

    Hi Nikkia! ❤
    My name is Mira and I'm from Denmark-
    Just wanted to say thank you for all of your videoes, not as much because you're a godsend beauty guru to help all us newbs- but just as much because your kind and bubbly personality really calms me

  • Caitlin Mctaminey 1 week ago

    Thanks Nikkia! Your skin looks flawless girl !

  • dolly caldwell 1 week ago

    I am on RetineA….I love using the Ordinary Rose Hill oil to balance out my skin

  • Polly 1 week ago

    I hope to try all of these at some point, I can't afford all at once so can you say one or two products that make most difference? I have oily skin, some fine lines and some raised bumps under skin. Thanks for video

  • That bossy Chic 1 week ago

    Great video….I just did one on my skincare routine with Rodan + Fields. It is a skincare company developed by dermatologists and we just launced in AUSTRALIA! You should check it and take the 60 day challenge to see the results. Let me know what you think! best wishes.

  • Bronwen Stead 1 week ago

    I am loving Dennis gross vit c serum!!!! But want to play around with my routine a bit – damn those fine lines!
    Do you put your oils on before the Sunday Riley products?

  • Paratenic Host 1 week ago

    HA has really improved my oily skin too. I didn't want to fork out a mint for a high end product until I knew how my skin would react to it, so I bought the HA Serum with ginger and silk protein from ALDI (of all places) and it was a game changer. So if you want an affordable option, try ALDI. I also use The Ordinary HA and love it, but not quite as much.

  • Haleema Akram 1 week ago

    Thank you for all the products you have mentioned they are so helpful and I will definitely purchase the dermalogica products,,, they seem to do wonders as you have mentioned….. I love all your videos Nikkia you are an amazing YouTuber that is so helpful and so informative

  • Starla Pearson 1 week ago

    I use argan oil like a serum under my moisturizers at night. This has really changed my skin. It's hydrated, the texture is minimized and it doesn't clog my pores as I have combo skin.

  • Dina 1 week ago

    Hey girl, if you get a moment you should have a look into low molecular weight hyaluronic acids. They have been proven to be highly inflammatory and promote scarring, whereas high molecular weight hyaluronic acid reduces inflammation. Clever marketing will have us believe that LMW HA penetrates the skin better (which it does), when it actually doesn't have to penetrate to be effective. It works best sitting on the surface. I gave up on trying to find a HMW HA serum, because most of them are low, or mixed weights, and I don't wanna risk using them. 

    Heres some articles if you wanna have a look.


  • Vanessa Medina 1 week ago

    Can you do a video like this but with drugstore skin products please

  • Misty Parsons 1 week ago

    Thank you for these recommendations..I needed this!!

  • Georgina O'Malley 1 week ago

    loved this video but the wonky eyeliner on your left eye… nikkia whY

  • Jackelyn Hernandez 1 week ago

    Ordered some things from dermalogica, fingers crossed