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Rated the Best selling Fat Burner on Amazon. I will be trying Vintage burn out and taking you guys along for the ride. Check it out on sale here

This is Video # 1 of a Series to see how well these really work!
I will update you guys soon and let you know how I feel taking them. Cheers

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  • Rain G. 3 months ago

    sooooo…what came of it?

  • Fifty 1 Fifty 3 months ago

    The description on Amazon says take 1 twice a day for the first three days then take 2 twice a day after.

  • dawgdaddy79 3 months ago

    No worries, gnc can't either. Thanks great video.

  • cinematic35 3 months ago

    Produce is all laced with pesticides! They don't give you anything until they first poison it!
    Chemtrailing has made it impossible to have healthy food anymore!

  • Esteban Tobes 3 months ago

    Where's the follow up?

  • why not 3 months ago

    I thinks its freddie mercury on the bottle

  • Edieher Thein 3 months ago

    No update ? Thumps down !!!

  • LuneNoir 3 months ago

    Is it me or he never updates us?

  • Jason Feinman 3 months ago

    so where is the results

  • _Shooter 3 months ago

    how'd it work bro

  • garywrench101 3 months ago

    Hey bro. Did you finish that bottle. I was hoping to see the after shot. Let me know if you liked the vintage burn

  • Amit Hacoon 3 months ago

    where are the result video? you said every week and its been 4 already, btw can you tell us what did you improved in gym? more aerobic training ?

  • How did the month go???

  • Abby Laine 3 months ago

    so how is it working?? I didn't see an update?

  • Joshie B. 3 months ago

    holy cap! near 2000! you are rocking it my friend proud of you!