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Triathletes can be the ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph body types and Triathlon Taren explains which one is best for which type of triathlon distance. Triathletes with a leaner ectomorphic body type tend to do better in short distance races while more muscular athletes or mesomorphs tends to do better in longer distance triathlons.

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  • Kyle Coffrin 1 month ago

    Is someone at the gate?! Nope, nevermind

  • Gren Green 1 month ago

    Like Your Humour

  • ARIZASPORCU 1 month ago

    im 190 pounds 5 9 and i am big i have big legs and stuff do you think i can do triathlon ?

  • Michael Atherton 1 month ago

    Awesome video. I love the channel and am just getting into triathlon training. Thanks for the great videos.

  • Ion Hang Tang Pat 1 month ago

    Photochromic glasses

  • TheSteinbitt 1 month ago

    I think you are mistaking steroids with talent here. Skinny would equal less impact and less calories burnt per hour. I see no upside carrying around extra muscle weight in an eight hour race, so the "jacked" look is probably a PED related side effect;)

  • Kevin Calvani 1 month ago

    My pink moon shadow is licking egg puppies

  • Lewis Cox 1 month ago

    Taren’s beard is asymmetrical

  • Laura Jolley 1 month ago

    You are a very handsome man.

  • Tri-Shake-Atops 1 month ago

    Uh…you don't go from endomorph to mesomorph just because you lose weight. Just as an ecto will never become an endo, just because he puts on 50lbs. That ecto will remain an ecto but be skinny fat. You are born with your body type and bone structure.

  • MrSupreme82 1 month ago

    These lenses are called "photochromic", I bet it actually says that on one of the lenses :)

  • shoji O 1 month ago

    I head that for marathon, small weight body is much advantage than huge body…

  • Aengus Andrew 1 month ago

    Do you dye your beard?

  • Desmond Yap 1 month ago

    its called photochromatic lenses

  • P000L aka XR4y 1 month ago

    In my opinion there is a difference between Bodytype and kind of metabolism. Even a meso can look like a ecto if he Holding straight diet and do a lots of endurance sports. So there is a whole problem in this video…
    And Btw. Jan Frodeno is ultra skinny and for sure not a muscular athlet…

  • matthew geraghty 1 month ago

    "Doing pretty ok"!!!  hahaha best line ever!

  • Derrick Laychuk 1 month ago

    If I may ask a question. Last year I started training in all three events. I love pushing my body, and I quickly found myself pushing to hard and burning out. Would go really hard for 2-3 then take a week off. Big mistake. This year my montra has been slow and steady. All this month I have tried to stay at 20 miles a week running, 75 mile a week biking, and 5 miles a week swimming…If I can maintain these goals I will greatly outdo my last years boom and bust. All that to ask this question, and I just making yet another, albeit different mistake?

  • Trevor Clark 1 month ago

    That's a nice white fence

  • Brandon Gildenstern 1 month ago

    Only been in triathlon for the last 18 months after coming from bodybuilding. Already able to go sub 5hrs on a difficult bike course do to my leg muscles. Muscle helps at those distances!

  • Braden Kersey 1 month ago

    I personally think that the "pounding " isn't what gives lighter people a disadvantage. If we look at elite marathoners or even ultramarathoners, they are thinner than the thinnest of triathletes. When it comes to Alistair, he's had a history of getting injured in Olympic distance as well. I think the reason long distance triathletes have stronger builds comes down to the cycling emphasis. Being a draft legal triathlete myself I know that you can be great whilst only being ok at cycling but you can't be great whilst only being ok at swimming or running. If you're a good swimmer the bike is most often just an "in between" phase where you try and work as little as possible.