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HI SISTERS! As a makeup artist, you guys see me do my own makeup ALL the time, but I rarely ever get to get glammed by other artists. For today’s video, I went to SEPHORA to get a full makeover! I’ve seen so many horror stories, but also great makeup, come out of Sephora, so I was super excited for this challenge and to see the finished look. Stay tuned for more makeovers coming soon from other stores… Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!


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Look Busy by Kevin MacLeod

Michael Rusakov




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  • Mikayla Errett 2 weeks ago

    You can't say you are mad at someone for not using your favorite bronser without even telling the artist you like it……

  • Natalie Carrasco 2 weeks ago

    You talk too damn fast.

  • Nicolette Corban 2 weeks ago

    HACK FOR ALL THAT HAVE TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING BECAUSE HE TALKS QUICKLY: go to the three dots in the screen , click playback speed and put it to one back from normal. Now u can listen perfectly :)

  • _ Kass 2 weeks ago

    Overall it wasn’t bad but as you said it was too orange for you and you’re more of a smooth amber when contouring. Also to me their lighting is bad at most Sephora’s too.

  • lilly Nilsson 2 weeks ago

    lol your keep saying hi sisters i would love to not be releated to you

  • Lisa Ayna 2 weeks ago

    I liked the look, but I didn't oike the bronzer

  • Aubrey'ona Asbury 2 weeks ago

    I love how he is accepting of other peoples mistakes, and I love how he doesn't judge them about it! LOVE YOU SISTER!

  • allison stoeffler 2 weeks ago

    I love you James you are my inspiration

  • phoenix Tran 2 weeks ago

    I think that guys look better with makeup than girls do

  • Isyagirl Bella 2 weeks ago

    The 90 degree thing is bc it’s a weird angle to put it on other people the wands are made for you to put it on yourself ily James

  • Matthews Monsters 2 weeks ago

    omg when i saw those shorts i kinda died

  • Matthews Monsters 2 weeks ago

    ok people are gonna get triggered at me but this is my opinion but i feel like this guy is so annoying..

  • Autumn Taylor 2 weeks ago

    ugh i can’t do makeup on myself at all so i’ve been bingeing your vids so i actually can

  • kelsi ruffolo 2 weeks ago

    This was so genius!

  • Allison Gray 2 weeks ago

    no shade at all but…If i seen you walking in the mall, I would def not know who you were…So to say you were annoyed that your cover was blown is…annoying lol

  • Steph_Needs_Books 2 weeks ago

    You're really condescending.

  • Alaena Skaggs 2 weeks ago

    The sephora that I go to has tarte shape tape

  • Im_a_prø_at_Imperfectiøn 2 weeks ago

    i think your nose is cute lol

  • Im_a_prø_at_Imperfectiøn 2 weeks ago

    omg those shorts. lol u killed it tho

  • Sara M 2 weeks ago

    Loved everything about it . I do agree with you on the contour. Definitely not bad.

  • Le Ana Haris 2 weeks ago

    Did she not use a primer?

  • alexus hoey 2 weeks ago

    Went to Sephora yesterday and the first thing I saw was a picture of James

  • Kristin Gier 2 weeks ago

    Your eye color is beautiful

  • Uchechi 2 weeks ago

    Such a GREAT IDEA omg

  • Hanna Sasmiita 2 weeks ago

    We have shape tape in Sephora Australia

  • Monica Ward 2 weeks ago

    I hate u so much

  • McKenna Griffin 2 weeks ago

    I've never had someone else do my makeup but that would be so much fun. Definitely trying this soon. You're so beautiful <3

  • moreno martina 2 weeks ago

    fast talker

  • Sheryl Dixon 2 weeks ago

    Makeup on men is gross