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Available on Amazon; Beginner Fitness Guide For All Ages

Right off the bat, this book was created to motivate you to become your best physical and mental self you have ever been. Although there is valuable fitness tips for all levels of experience, this book was designed to address fitness problems for beginners. Inside this book are tips to help you with simple healthy eating goals, fitness goals, and weight loss. Like most people in the world, I have struggled with weight all of my life. Point blank, I decided to do something about it. I attended the National Personal Training School of Charlotte, NC to learn about fitness. While on my weight loss and fitness journey, I recorded all the things that helped me most with my weight loss and overall fitness goals. I want to share this knowledge and new life I have created for myself with the world.
About the book:
- Wrote by a Marine Corps veteran .
- Motivating
- For all ages
- Home workout plan included for all ages
- Eating tips
- Short and to the point
- Made for simple reading
- Remarkably eye opening and educational tips about fitness and living healthy.

I hope my videos can help someone with motivation and the correct tools to get in shape … Thank you for all the support .

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