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Finger Fitness is an exercise concept developed by Greg Irwin to help improve the strength, dexterity and coordination of your hands. It is great for musicians, typists, athletes, video gamers etc… Introduction to Finger Fitness is an excerpt from “The Advanced Finger Fitness guide”
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  • The outlaw Calico Jack brown 2 months ago

    Hey Leonardo Decaprio, I bet ur wife appreciate s this

  • MusicHunter 2 months ago

    Greg I. pls if you can answer me, i have broken right up arm and after OP 5 years ago i have damage of nerve radialis, more over i 'm musician -guitarist can this program help me due to very often  things fall out of my arm for example cup of weather etc, thx. and i do not have strength in my flexors in fore arm of the same arm.

  • th3str4ng3guy 2 months ago

    i can isolate my 3rd and 4th finger in my left hand but i cant do that in my right hand is it possible to make both hands the same ?

  • Greg Irwin 2 months ago

    Every one's hands have different levels of natural ability that you are born with. For some people it might not be possible to completely isolate their 3rd and 4th fingers. I would not consider this a disability, but it is good to understand your limits and not stress your fingers trying to achieve complete isolation while doing Finger Fitness exercises. Doing the warm-ups and Finger Fitness exercises should improve your natural ability which is the basic goal of the program.

  • T.T. O.T 2 months ago

    could be : )

  • Greg Irwin 2 months ago

    Thanks – Please help spread the concept of Finger Fitness. Send a link of this video to all your friends and family!

  • Yannick N. 2 months ago

    This deserves more views :O