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please exercise thank you
please drink water #gallon everysingle day for cells to make changes ,report-looping subliminals overnight while sleeping for faster and more effective results but please give yourself a break but use with a schedule to program your body to automatically burn the fat even more this works use correctly to get more effective results-you can also use =or loop at your preference use everyday-more use more results -continue activities work and school.
headphones-or sterio speakers are ok
read only if you only already into subliminal programming and biokinesis,and you know how to use ,most people get best results from my subliminals because of the time I put into creating subliminally reversing your psychology#both left and right causing your mind to allow the biokinesis to happen all day everysingle day the more you use the longer you use the more results you will get ,my subliminals work fast,need mp3 EMAIL ME AT #CAPTURETHEMATRIX@GMAIL.COM
personal #privacy#protected#custom subliminal sale two custom subliminals for fifty dollars
all i am asking for is that you give me twenty four to forty eight hours to make and create your personal subliminal
programming or biokinesis programming
change #eyecolor #height #penis size#and anything you personal want#with subliminal and mentall programming including attracting women,men #etc.
my subliminals work #guaranteed results

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  • Golden Maknae 3 weeks ago

    13 de dezembro

  • Sonic Master Girly 3 weeks ago

    liistened for about 3 secs and can already tell how strong it is.. stronger than the forst

  • Golden Maknae 3 weeks ago

    What's the difference between this video and that other to burning fat?

  • All In One by Akshat 3 weeks ago

    What is he speaking??

  • Rachel Marie 3 weeks ago

    Damn, this one makes my body hot!  WOW!

  • Shah Syed 3 weeks ago

    Feeling hungry as fuck after listening to this

  • TRAPPED 3 weeks ago

    Heyy I'm trying this .. btw I'm 16 years old and my weight is 95.2 kg bcoz I'm short I want to be 45kg
    Day 1 -95.2kg
    Day2- 94kg
    Day3 -93.2kg
    I have seen somewhere that if you weigh everyday your results can delay so I be updating when I'll see some solid results

  • ÆŒ Gelato 3 weeks ago

    Dose this shit actually work

  • White Cat 3 weeks ago

    Already one minute in the video and my legs and stomach feel sore

  • Mummy Mummy 3 weeks ago
  • Mummy Mummy 3 weeks ago

    I wanna get rid of my muffin top inner thigh fat thigh fat arm fat neck fat waist fat ( no more fat rolls ) fat tummy

  • yoongicorn suga with tae 3 weeks ago

    Will this tighten lose skin?

  • larry's daughter 3 weeks ago

    This is the first subliminal that i ever watch that makes me feel like something. I just watched this one two times and the first one two too. Tomorrow i'll the you the results

  • Link Sab 3 weeks ago

    Is it bad if you don't listen to all words?

  • Jasper Martin 3 weeks ago

    can u make one to be really athletic

  • Random YouTuber 3 weeks ago

    I can feel my stomach area get heated up while listening to this! I'm not joking about this!

  • Hannplaysmr 3 weeks ago

    Why do my legs feel like they just ran 2 miles without stopping?

  • Bernice Mbuyi 3 weeks ago

    I feel something pressuring on me I think its working

  • Ariana Taler 3 weeks ago

    These subliminals make me so thirsty, i drink 5 liters of water now :D and not to forget hungry