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Lift that booty, slim the waistline and tone those thighs! I love this quick at-home full body workout, no equipment needed!
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  • ElWoods Creative Services 1 week ago

    Do you get your inspiration from Blogilates? Coz your videos remind me of her lol. Great video though! :) x

  • Isabel Locklear 1 week ago

    for your nails you could have red and a snow flake on your index finger

  • iamprincessbecky 1 week ago

    It puzzles me that people can't figure out what repeat 3x means. I mean, seriously?! Love this workout!

  • That Self Love Tho 1 week ago

    Up to 2 rounds on this one. Love it!

  • amanda perry 1 week ago

    Question – so at the end of the video it says repeat 3x so does that mean do the whole thing 4x in total? Thanks doll!!

  • Amanda Carpenter 1 week ago

    I loved this one. I thought from watching it first I wouldn't like it, but I really did. I have another 45 min workout to do next, so I just did one round, but next time I do it, I will make it my only workout at the time or paired with another video from one of your calendars and I will do it all 4 times!

  • Sonia Ventura 1 week ago

    As soon as you said push-up, I died :/

  • Brittni Peterson 1 week ago

    I am always wondering when you say 3x more times at the end, does that mean a total of 4 times?Thanks! Xoxo

  • That Self Love Tho 1 week ago

    Love how quick this is! Only did one round today because I'm just getting back into workouts (last one was dec 12). But I already did some arms and abs and later I'm doing today's challenge workout!

  • Danika Lambert 1 week ago

    I'm so obsessed with you! My favorite part about you is how relatable you are. You started at a place where I think most of us start and so where you are now makes it feel so obtainable- tips coming from someone who has had to work it off and isn't just naturally teeny tiny. Thank you for always inspiring!

  • Mandy Panos 1 week ago


  • Tara Yero 1 week ago

    I absolutely LOVE your workouts!! They are challenging enough that I feel it working, but they aren't so hard that I feel completely defeated! Thanks for being so inspiring and motivating! Much love from Georgia!

  • Sandra Phillips 1 week ago

    Great workout, did all 4.
    Question for you, is there a particular nut with more protein than the others or do they all have about the same amount in them?

  • lifeasrina 1 week ago

    Just the video I was looking for

  • Mariee F 1 week ago

    This is a new fav of mine – so easy to squeeze into a busy schedule and very effective. Although I'm a fan of all your videos.