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Losing weight can be really difficult but with the right plan, motivation and workout you can lose fat successfully. Here are some of the biggest weight loss stories and transformations.

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  • Pocchiater Dennisder 2 weeks ago

    Visit 4FatLossFast. Com to find the best diet program in the world. My sister applied it and lost 5 pounds. I just started out and I’m already decrease 11 pounds.?

  • Melanie Romero 2 weeks ago

    well this is depressing af

  • Evelyn Ibarra 2 weeks ago

    (((Don’t Miss Free Source

  • i have no clue how people can get to the point of being so big that you cant move. Do people just give up?

  • Khurram Sarwar 2 weeks ago

    The problem is when you have crazy weight loss (weight loss more than. 120 pounds) you have a shit ton of extra adipose tissue(fat cells that shrink during weight loss) which is the prime reason why ex morbidly obese feel have crazy loose skin because he adipose tissue just gets as small as they can but they are here to stay for a long time(average around ten years). In the years they are still there they are still active and cause you be more hungry and if you stop your lifestyle/ or diet you will be eating more calories and the cells will reacummulate just as fast. There are two solutions in my opinion. One stay lean for at least 10 years because that is the lifespan of adipose tissue and if they are destroyed there is no reason for new adipose tissue to form or have liposuction after weight loss to remove the fat cells preventing you to feel more hungry.

  • Николай Васильев 2 weeks ago

    Nice video
    also, you can read many another weight loss stories in mobile app


    Yet there's a fat acceptance movement…

  • claudiahorselovr Horse 2 weeks ago

    I'm 5"3 14 yrs old and 140 pounds am i overweight?

  • Afzal Hussain 2 weeks ago

    weight loss just order its free trail first order -Forskolin Body Blast – Free Trial

  • Miss lemony lemon lemonade 2 weeks ago

    Did you know the world's heaviest woman is dead?

  • MayorOfMoetown 2 weeks ago

    I thought this would be inspiring …..such a depressing video,geez..

  • Alexis G 2 weeks ago

    These are all freaking depressing! In all but 1 so far they all gained it back or died shortly after losing weight. All that tells us is to give up and die. Lame.

  • Eduard Stancu 2 weeks ago

    A bunch of stupid fat people who kill themselves.

  • tnz tnzi 2 weeks ago

    Wedding would be in 8 months, and hopefully i can lose almost half of my weight.. pheww

  • Miss lemony lemon lemonade 2 weeks ago

    how do americans even blow upto 1000 pounds? do americans carry the fat gene?

  • Matthew Scott 2 weeks ago

    so how are these good stories. they were stuck in the hospital and forced to diet and surgery wtf dude

  • Cassiopeia Bright 2 weeks ago

    This narration is so stupid. Walking is one of the best weight loss regimens there is. He says suprisingly walking man lost over 100 pounds with his "only" form of exercise being walking. If you walk all day of course you will lose weight. Walking is a proven way to burn fat. Is he supposed to add weight lifting? He's already doing that by walking with an extra couple hundred on his frame.

  • Retro Reset 2 weeks ago

    so far what I've learned is that if I dont lose weight now, I'm gonna die

  • neversaw 2 weeks ago

    Clearly the missing part of a lot of the loss and massive gains is psychotherapy.

  • Bahaar 봄 쌤 2 weeks ago

    People should watch the whole video before disliking it. It brought happy tears to my eyes. Thanks for this amazing video

  • Cari Create 2 weeks ago

    this is so disgusting. How can people even become that fat???

  • Hadi Beaini 2 weeks ago

    why do they regain the weight?

  • Selvia gurung 2 weeks ago

    1:51 you are here

  • Julie Smith 2 weeks ago

    I was 300 pounds 7 years ago, and lost it in a contest. For money. 7 years later I am still 155 pounds down, and have done power lifting contests and body building contests. I changed my profession from RN case manager to a personal trainer and help other people who are in the same boat I was. My motivation was money, but my continued motivation now is my clients! I am having the time of my life living the life I have always wanted to live! People who have never had a weight problem really don't get WHY we are fat. I have been there, and it sucked, but I was unwilling to change. I started my weight loss journey at age 40, and tell everyone that will listen that it is NEVER too late! This video was sad to me, because most either gained their weight back or died….I would love to change that theme!

  • Jarra gucci Njie 2 weeks ago

    I weight 70 but my goal is to be back to 55 and I'm still working on it

  • Bob Thebuilder 2 weeks ago

    This video gave me the push to loose 36.4 pounds , 136.4 –

  • Fire light 2 weeks ago

    why do they all have to die in the end

  • Êlîã Å 2 weeks ago

    f*ck these 'fat removal' surgeries. Show us some REAL People who worked hard to lose weight.

  • Jeffery Costner 2 weeks ago

    >>Frееe оnlinее videeо shows thаaаt eat rеаl fоod and still gаin rеal weight lоss! Cliсk here to waatchit now. =>

  • Konata Izumi 2 weeks ago

    And I thought I weighed a lot…