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Achieving extreme weight loss takes a a very unique approach. Here are a few keys! Tracking!! Record everything you eat. Evaluate your eating habits. Identify the ones that are preventing you from reaching your goals and replace those with habits that support your goals. Daily physical activity & Educate yourself – Work hardest on your environment

Strong mind strong body

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  • Is Az 3 weeks ago

    #1 Calorie Awareness
    #2 Eating habits – Address your worst eating habit first. Deal with one bad food habit at a time.
    #3 Daily physical activity get heart rate up everyday
    #4 Research gain knowledge of fat burning
    #5 Environment – Friends, food in your home.

  • Kima and Dani Avery Flipping the Carolina's 3 weeks ago

    I love the statement … Work hard on your environment.. sorry kids lol no more snacks in the house.. I'm on a diet

  • Sonjia Flowers 3 weeks ago

    Loved the video! Definitely struggling to get the weight off again! Got yourself a new subbie!

  • Ryen C 3 weeks ago

    You must have been fit in highschool.
    then got fat then got fit. Show your highschool photo

  • Stephanie Wright 3 weeks ago

    I needed this! I have been slacking!

  • Gambit Prime 3 weeks ago

    When i jerk off , and i want to cum faster somehow i speed my pulse kinda of wierd lol

  • Fuckitman 3 weeks ago

    I’m 280 lbs 36% body fat 6ft and 24 I’m trying to get down to 20% body fat idc about weight honestly as long as I’m muscular.i have a warehouse job and trying to go to the gym I need to start eating healthier trying to join the army thank you for showing your progress man

  • valexan22 3 weeks ago

    I will follow my calories starting today. I need to know my baseline. Thank you!

  • Shari Harvey 3 weeks ago

    New subscriber. Please help!

  • Tiffany Coffey 3 weeks ago

    Wow I just found your YouTube page, and everything you stated I've been doing ever since I had my daughter. I gained 125 lbs during my pregnancy smh. But I have lost 127 lbs by her 1st birthday and am smaller than my pre-pregnancy weight. Great advice! I've decided to subscribe because I know for sure your advice works.

  • Mizz Dee 3 weeks ago

    Amazing! U the living proof that hard work always pays off. When u put ur mind into it, anything is possible! U look great!

  • Grim Reaper 3 weeks ago

    Don’t keep crack at home. Do it outside to control the habit. Got it!

  • Praise Love 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for your wisdom!!!!

  • Kutiwa Shasha 3 weeks ago

    Wow how did you do that?

  • Mi_ Kismet 3 weeks ago

    Wow, I'm happy I found this video! Thank you this is very helpful

  • 2 Week Diet 3 weeks ago

    Good video. Very insightful and on point

  • kimkimkimkimmie' 3 weeks ago

    ..awesome transformation!..go you!☺️

  • Staci B 3 weeks ago

    You look good big n fit. God bless u

  • Christian Sanya 3 weeks ago

    I continued to watch and subscribed because calorie awareness was everything to me. I'm the fat chick that says, I don't know why I'm big, I don't eat that much. Thank you for this video

  • Gina Griffin 3 weeks ago

    Good info thanks