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When starting off with our goals, we’re often highly motivated but don’t know exactly what to do to burn all of the fat and build all kinds of muscle (gainz!). We then tend to make the same fitness mistakes. Here are five of them that we should all try to avoid.

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  • PictureFit 3 months ago

    You're all perfect in my eyes. ❤

  • Mohit Dutta 3 months ago

    Cardio is gay : D…i love weight training

  • J Is alive 3 months ago

    Can you please do a video on how to gain weight with high matbulism

  • Brijesh Patel 3 months ago

    PictureFit and Athlean-X are the best

  • Sumbul Yousuf 3 months ago

    Can you talk about hgh for height growth ?

  • 0.8 per kg of muscle

  • adkinsy85 3 months ago

    after three day's of sit ups my back hurts #day 1 of pain :'(

  • Is it weird that I can do hanging sit-ups much easier than normal sit-ups?

  • xII I S I S IIx 3 months ago

    I like how the only people that watch your YouTube videos are novice weightlifters

  • Dipanshu Kumar 3 months ago

    Sir I follow your channel….but as you said in this video that also give rest to body for recovery …and do exercise 3 days in a week…but I am confused that how I can follow this…

    And how to scheduled my all body parts exercise. from Mon to Sat I trained every body part…like chest, back, shoulder, thigh, biceps and triceps but how to trained these in 3 days…

  • varva001 3 months ago

    What kind of protein someone should buy? I want tasteless ones…

  • Bryce Johnson 3 months ago

    I was wondering if you could do a video about how to lower your body fat percentage whenever your already fit, cardio doesn’t seem to work since I’m already fit it takes 6x the amount to get the same worth

  • guyz life 3 months ago

    @picturefit heyy, love the videos but haven’t found a video about what to eat while cutting or bulking, If anyone can suggest what I should eat please reply, I’m 210 I have belly fat but I have the goal of being 190, I legit have no clue what to eat I just work out cardio and resistance training.

  • ComradeX 3 months ago

    Did you mean, in #3, .8g for each lb. Of bodyweight?
    .8g / kg would give very low protein values, and is the RDA for people that don't train…