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Makeup and beauty hacks and tips every woman should know!

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Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam:

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  • Aaliyah May 1 week ago

    Am I the only one that was waiting to see them do a "DIY EYELASH LIFT" on a straw or something…. That thumbnail izza liar.

  • u guessin aha 1 week ago

    or just go to the store and buy some lib scrub less time to waste hunny

  • Lea Huntington 1 week ago

    Your vids are no good you do things to make your videos be a video your lame I know u don't need bad comments cause your channels are already bad so ……..

  • Netta Mea 1 week ago

    These "life hacks" have me shook…(AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY!!) :/

  • Offended 1 week ago

    Disgusting thots

  • Heena Pahilwani 1 week ago

    I tried ma skin get more dark

  • Lauren's Outlet 1 week ago

    At 4:13 if your skin peels that bad I think you should see a doctor.

  • GG 4L 1 week ago

    When they showed the feet i was like WHAT ARE THOSE

  • Wissam 1 week ago

    The lady looks like Mila kunis

  • հҽɑѵҽղ ʍմɾթհվ 1 week ago

    Why are you guys repeating the same hacks and your taking other people’s hacks I saw a video that was like this one and it was posted before this so stop.