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Video Summary:
0:34 – Not Wearing Sunblock
1:14 – Popping Pimples With Dirty Fingers
2:33 – Not Using An Esthetician
4:34 – Not Having A Cleansing Routine
5:37 – Not Paying Attention To Your Diet
6:32 – Using A Dirty Pillowcase
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  • MD727 3 months ago

    Hey Antonio, great video. Perhaps you could make a video with a list mens' cosmetics such as soaps and shampoos that don't contain any toxins, parabens, etc. These types of products are becoming increasingly popular due to the dangerous chemicals found in ordinary cosmetics. Just an idea. Cheers!

  • Cristian Lockling 3 months ago

    I've seen that video, but those scars that you covered are not any of the ones I have. I was born with this one's. I am Latino I've heard Latinos have a common problem with being born with them.

  • Adrianne Clave 3 months ago

    Make a video for teenager like this about acne, how to cure them.

  • nitin jain 3 months ago

    i use a winter moisturizer which is light and absorbs quickly but after few hour my face gets oily compared to when i dnt apply it

  • Eddie Stinson 3 months ago

    Take a hot Lavender Chamomile bubble bath with a bottle of white dry wine. Then enjoy a Cucumber Face Mask.

  • Cole Phillippe 3 months ago

    Probably should've asked earlier, what's the song in the intro lol

  • Lil J 3 months ago

    Was up with that Jean shirt under your suit

  • Marc Thibault 3 months ago

    What bout Tiege Hanley! How dare you not mention the Tiege in a skin care infomercial?

  • dklyde 3 months ago

    He was using the makeup for his mom I mean wife.

  • Brett Martinez 3 months ago

    Great video Antonio. I think one thing that would be great is maybe talking about how to relieve bags under the eyes

  • Claytos Republic 3 months ago

    Good video. It's important to take care of our skin, the stuff that keeps the rest of us in . . .

  • kingBRANDONcastle 3 months ago

    The only 100% way to simultaneously having perfect skin for us men whilst gaining the ability to have sex with any woman we desire only entails two words gentleman: Tiege Hanley

  • Kamal Naili 3 months ago

    i only wash my face with water every morning.

  • Spotlight T.V 3 months ago

    Just use some tiege hanley it's all ya need. lol, I think alpha m would be proud of me

  • Cristian Lockling 3 months ago

    I was born with facial scars what can I do to reduce the scars. please help me!!

  • Enzo Tatsuro 3 months ago

    i do change my bed/pillow sheets case, other then that i don't do any of the things in this list.

    also i have no idea what to add to this list

  • The Shadow 3 months ago

    Bad boy style man

  • casal00 3 months ago

    What is the best way to handle an ingrown hair, especially on the face?

  • Root. Osama 3 months ago

    I look like a rotten balls, sun has fucked me up and the killer is my college

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Too much work if your whole face is a pimple.

  • Cahluvca 3 months ago

    Dead sea mask does wonders!

  • Mel Reacher 3 months ago

    Sorry Toño, that product is overpriced PMD.

  • Richard Hughes 3 months ago

    Just started upgrading wardrobe, went to mens wearhouse and met a guy working there, I explained what I was doing and that I had not a lot of spending cash and needed help getting started. So he shows me items that are full price, even though some of the same items on line were half that, so I tried some items on and had to walk back to the rack and shelves of clothes to try a different size with no help, the guy was no where around, left without purchasing any thing. Went to a thrift store and found german suspenders and 8 pocket squares for $5, got some like new and I mean like new shirts Joseph & Feiss, Varsity Herringbone -ENRO, Jos.A bank, and Pronto Uomo, of course they will need to be tailored but at $4.00 per shirt why not, On my road to man hood recovery, Thank you

  • Albert Wesker 3 months ago

    "Beige Manley"
    About to pop up.

  • UserName 3 months ago

    For pimples only honey.

  • Bigntactical1 3 months ago

    Not using Tiege lol!! Just kidding! Great video sir!!

  • Aldrin D'souza 3 months ago

    High time to order Tiege Hanley

  • Sheryar Khan 3 months ago

    Today information was excellent. Superbe. Great. And amazing

  • Samer Henen 3 months ago

    The most disgusting yet the most entertaining video. Thanks! You deserve atleast 5 more million subs :)