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Hello hello hello beautiful people! So what were my favorite products of the year?! -the gabber

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil
Beauty Bakerie BROWnies Eyebrow Gel (Brown)
Sephora Pro Editorial Palette
Juvias Place Magic Palette
Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Cane + Austin Prime & Protect Mattifying Primer with Broad Spectrum SPF 50
BECCA Velvet Blurring Primer
Giorgio Armani BeautyLuminous Silk Foundation (13)
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation (450)
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Cocoa)
BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème
Tarte Shape Tape (Deep)
RCMA No Color Powder
Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
Maybelline FaceStudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter
Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette




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  • Kawale04 2 weeks ago

    Juvias Place blush is good

  • Jeanelle Williams 2 weeks ago

    Could u do a vid on how u care 4 ur falsies.. I ALWAYS end up jst trashing em after 1 use! Cra I kno

  • Morin O 2 weeks ago

    love this!!!

  • Belinda Rose 2 weeks ago

    I got Lunatik Cosmetic's Contour Palette vol. 1 just this month. I love how it's organized and that I can use it all over my face!

  • Try the NYX angel veil primer VS hourglass mineral veil primer!

  • Noah Baker 2 weeks ago

    Even though imma guys i wear females clothes and products any specific recmendations on what outfit to get and if i should get makeup to for me

  • I like the tarte shape tape with dewy foundations only. If I use this super matte and kinda dry concealer with a super matte and dry foundation, it doesn't blend in and even lift up some of the foundation underneath.
    I also don't like that it doesn't come in with my shade… I have very yellow undertone and light skin and the yellow shap tapes are either too light or way too dark on me

  • ToriZee 2 weeks ago

    That master chrome though!!!!!!!!!!!! I reach for it before I reach for the expensive stuff!!

  • Everything Kaufman 2 weeks ago

    I wish I knew/remembered your name but thank you toomuchmouth!

  • AdelineWilhel 2 weeks ago

    I've heard some good things about Beauty Bakerie's contour palette but I've yet to try any of their products. I don't contour a lot but when I do I use one of these three products: Bite Beauty Multistick in Cocoa, ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in Turks &Caicos, and ELF Aqua Beauty Blush and Bronzer in Bronzed Violet. I tend to reach for Turks & Caicos more because it's easy to use and I love the highlight shade, but the Bite Beauty stick is definitely number one. I plan on trying the Fenty Beauty foundation, once I use up more of my Kat Von D. See you in 2018!

  • Leona Lopez 2 weeks ago

    U sound dead why doing makeup vids

  • Marilyn Capehart 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing 12/17

  • Marilyn Capehart 2 weeks ago

    Happy New Years to you and your 2018

  • Dedra Vaughan 2 weeks ago


  • NeickhaSuPRA 2 weeks ago

    That's my favorite highlighter too

  • Mon Charie 2 weeks ago

    What lip combo is this?? I love it…i couldn't find it on your channel anywhere.

  • Deli s 2 weeks ago

    Can you try the Black Up Jennie Jenkins highliter collab, please? She has one that's supposed to be black girl friendly and it would be great to get your opinion

  • NeickhaSuPRA 2 weeks ago

    Im for sure going to try beauty bakerie next year. I need that bronzer palette and their setting powder.

  • Nani Joline 2 weeks ago

    I don't really buy blushes or contour products. There's a filter and bright lighting on my profile pic but I'm a perfectly browned cornbread kinda brown, contours never really work right. My undertones are kind of neutral leaning golden (so if I tan I can easily appear to be red) and I blend my own bronzer/contour color. I use pigmented orange or peach colored eyeshadow as blushes

  • Lah Body 2 weeks ago

    I just stated mixing Fenty with a dewy foundation and I hella love how Fenty mixes with others.

  • armani canady 2 weeks ago

    Wats on ur lips? Girl I’m digging it

  • lilian makori 2 weeks ago

    I'm with you on expensive mascaras and eyeliners. They're one of products that you buy the most often, so to spend $20+ just isn't economically smart if you ask me. And I love the maybelline master chrome!! It rivals high end highlighters if you ask me. I use maybelline fit me foundation in 375 Java to contour with. The formula is great and it blends really beautifully.

  • Reese Reaves 2 weeks ago

    Oh my god. I don’t know you hated blush!! I love, love, love blush. Highlighting crazy has died down a bit. I’ve always preferred a finely milled highlight that has a more skin like glow.

  • Jazmine Thomas 2 weeks ago

    Love the BR Contour palette

  • Cocoa AlmondJoy 2 weeks ago

    We have a lot of the same favorites. Becca foundation, BR contour, and I just purchased the dose of colors liquid lipsticks. I haven't tried it yet, but heard great things about the formula. Have you tried Beauty Bakerie coffee and cocoa contour palette? I've been enjoying it for over a month. I am in ❤️ with Juvias Place Blush palette, volume 1. I use it to contour and as well. Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  • Nicole Jones 2 weeks ago

    Your skin looks AH-MAZING in this video! Thanks for all the great information & education you have bestowed upon us this year. Keep it coming for the 2018 PLEASE?

  • This is random but I love your nail polish choices and was hoping to see some of your faves. Great video either way! I'm buying those three DOC lipsticks.