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Looking beautiful is any lady’s desire, but there seem to be issues you can’t take care of yourself. To look fresh and gorgeous all day long, pay attention to trick #3.

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  • Lala land 3 months ago

    did anyways try these yet cause im quite curious if they work or not
    btw the sugaring thing works my legs are so smooth :) ))

  • Nun Ya 3 months ago

    Can I get 10 likes please because it's my birthday

  • Mhmad Mhmad 3 months ago

    مش فاهمة اشي

  • Kashvi Sharma 3 months ago

    what are thumbnails??

  • Mounadi Fatima Zahra 3 months ago


  • Chris Caldwell 3 months ago

    Cool, baseline makes your nipples disappear.

  • Jazzysworld1011 3 months ago

    I had a "it's everyday bro" as before this video lol.

  • Evelyn Castaneda 3 months ago

    Perfume has alcohol which makes ur hair frizzy

  • Marjorie Moore 3 months ago

    This video was very informative. I love the fact that the ingredients are simple and natural.

  • Chic Francisco 3 months ago

    Aloe vera is quite strong. There was a time i would spread aloe vera juice on my face. Then when it dried I would dub my face with powder before putting light make up. It made my face fresh looking. But I had to stop it because I developed some fungus infection on my face.

  • Angela B 3 months ago

    Witch hazel also helps with dark circles