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I wanted to create this video to show everyone that nobodys weight loss journey is perfect. Even when your story is riddled with mistakes and backslides like mine was, you can’t give up hope! Perseverance will always pay off in the end. Don’t give up on yourself!

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  • Marc N 2 weeks ago

    Did you remain on the low carb diet when you started strength training/cardio? I'm down nearly 60 pounds on a lazy keto diet and want to start strength training so I don't lose muscle mass but I'm questioning whether I should up the carbs while I'm training.

  • Brannon Capps 2 weeks ago

    Very cool story man! Great Job!

  • MrZola1234 2 weeks ago

    Great job. Was curious how you are doing with the loose skin issue? You lost your weight in a steady way, so thought you would end up with less. You think if you would have been lifting more steady through the bulk of your weight loss you would have ended with less loose skin?

  • Senor Mofeta 2 weeks ago

    Wow dude.
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    This can't be easy to share, but think about how many people you're helping.
    You rock!
    BTW, jealous of your hair.
    Much love, SM

  • Thank you for sharing your story. Truly inspirational!

  • P4GAM3R 2 weeks ago

    your story is similar to mine 1 to 5 years I was thin then I start to gain I don't know why. Know my weight is 290 pounds but I am fat know I am not thin :"(

  • bubu mic 2 weeks ago

    Now get her do the same :)

  • keep thinking 2 weeks ago

    so i need to lose 100 to 140 is there any thing for the loss skin, problem or loss it over time

  • laney opperman 2 weeks ago

    What's flexible dieting?

  • Mojo Salazar 2 weeks ago

    Started keto October the 13th 2017 at 404lbs today on January 25 2018 I’m down to 350.6lbs doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s working very well for me.

  • Zaheer Khan 2 weeks ago

    What would you change if you could go back and do it differently. Like same diet or cardio?

  • Josh Powers 2 weeks ago

    Sounds like my life. Out of high school lost a lot of weight joined the usmc got out and the weight came back on. Right now i am 328 pounds staeted keto laat week hope it works out for me.

  • Hasan Ali 2 weeks ago

    Iam a 17 yrs boy and almost 90 kg iam realy woorry u cant even marry if u have fat body

  • Jarsky 2 weeks ago

    Got the bard, just need to get the After pic body……good work though man!

  • marko 2 weeks ago

    Well done man.
    Respect from ireland

  • Sonia Ahmed 2 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed your video.. Why do you not recommend the diet in the book you mentioned?

  • Navindra Singh 2 weeks ago

    Awesome job i had problem wt weight loss i did ok up to a point were d last set of belly fat would not come off i tink bc i change job i wast doing much walk and move to a another country were i didnt have access to the the food i used to eat in d night like chicken and broccoli i am like skinny fat …eny advice???

  • VIJAY KC 2 weeks ago

    I like people who have inspired for something and really work for it. Good job and keep it up.

  • Charlie U.K. 2 weeks ago

    Very cool, great video!!!

  • Gary Schemke 2 weeks ago

    I think your dedication is amazing. I am 6foot 5 240 working on it. You are an inspiration.

  • zeeshan ali ENT 2 weeks ago

    i am also struggling with my weight … i have gained weight recently because of some heavy studying for almost 4 years … now i am trying (not over trying) but keep on having body issues like stiff back and pulled muscles … i have a normal diet but i have added a lot of healthy alternatives to it … what should i do for these injuries that i am getting

  • Arrow Games 2 weeks ago

    how did you stay motivated when you was doing codio

  • Abbas Muhammad 2 weeks ago