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These are the 12 biggest lies you probably still believe about weight loss. There is no one best way to lose weight, but there are a lot of diet and exercise myths when it comes to fat loss. Discover which diet and workout myths have been debunked.


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  • Ambica Bhambra 3 weeks ago

    Hi there! I like your videos they are helpful and educational! I am an endomorph female! So as you probably know I store a lot of fat on my thighs …. I am trying my best to 'sculpt' and 'tone' but I want to ask about you advice … You suggest we should all lift HEAVY and do sets of 8-10 reps. I don't I use moderate weight and I do sets of 15-20 as many endomorph targeted videos suggest this. I feel this is because endomorphs build muscle quickly but shed fat a low slower. So by doing HEAVY weights I will increase the size of the muscles I already have but I will still have the fat layer on top. However, I totally get the science behind lifting heavy. Please help me out! I am so confused! Thanks you

  • Kanger Kanger 3 weeks ago

    Great info ….all these myths are in vogue for a long tome. I found this video so logical. Any diet plan can't last long , crux is that control the portion , including weights in the workout programme is must must. Exercising is a life long commitment. Thanks for great share.

  • Power Ranger 3 weeks ago

    Low carb is impressive as studies show that compared to diets with the same amount of calories, keto loses the smallest amount of muscle loss. And a hundred other reasons too.

  • Arthur the Unicorn 3 weeks ago

    no they are called carbohydrate because they are made of carbon and hydrogen wtf

  • gregory epley 3 weeks ago

    ok here one for you i'm on the other end . I have been skinny all my life , some people say i'm lucky but that not the case . I have try to gain body fat , one to stay warm in winter and two not be so skinny . I am 52 year old I have been working out , been working out for 2 years now . but with little gains and I could use some good ideas to build up my body where I don't look like a toothpick standing sideways.

  • Stephane C 3 weeks ago

    Makes total sense. Very refreshing. Thanks

  • Lenora Powers 3 weeks ago

    My criticism is the lack of references that are heavily mentioned in the video!

  • Baptized 1985 3 weeks ago

    Horrible advice. No science at all.

  • Marco Pereira 3 weeks ago

    Watched about 4 of your videos and I really enjoyed them. Thank you. "Subscribed"

  • 61lastchild 3 weeks ago

    Some of those gym-fails were hilarious…! The guy hanging by his head..loved it…

  • Габриелъ Караловъ 3 weeks ago

    Finally! An honest fitness channel.

  • Amazing ME 3 weeks ago

    like the best video on real natural fitness anywhere. just the best

  • Hunter Ginkins 3 weeks ago

    lol i eat right after workout cause im hungry af

  • MuscleSamuraiSix 3 weeks ago

    thank you for the video. I just started intermittent fasting about 3 weeks ago and there was a lot of questions I had. But you answered all of them in this video. btw I just subbed