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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! Whether you’re single or taken, you deserve to have fun on this special day – and what better to celebrate than with a friend??

Today on Beauty Break, Joslyn & Lily are giving you their tips to having the BEST Galentine’s Day EVER!! (No expensive brunch required!) Spa day? Check! Snacks?? Check! Romantic toiler paper?!? Um…Check?!

Tell us how YOU plan on celebrating V-Day in the comments!!

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  • Me 2006 1 week ago

    Omg I literally spit out my wine when joslyn tip over the bottle and it went all over

  • Kieli Mendez 1 week ago

    juicelyn you ahould bring your bf on and your makeup kinda looks natch

  • Amy Bennett 1 week ago

    more beauty break and less lunch break and cheat day please !!!

  • Debosmita Pal 1 week ago

    I don't know if I ever buy any of the product but that bottle Condom was hilarious. Whoever made it was hammered probably

  • Tatiana Riscado 1 week ago

    I love this video is so funny

  • Kathy Dahl 1 week ago

    Why did you guys post this before the 14th?

  • Vanessa's Videos 1 week ago

    For the the bottle one change the speed to 0.25. Your Welcome

  • shawn arceo 1 week ago

    Joslyn excitedly it's sparkling soda

  • Eliza 1 week ago

    I can'tttttt I started dying of laughter the moment Joslyn sprayed "love dust" into Lily's mouth and had to replay the video XD

  • jbails5150 1 week ago

    One of my fav episodes ever

  • Alexis Mouaa 1 week ago

    Was I the only one who screamed with them when the Wine Condom failed lol xD

  • Lauren Jacobs 1 week ago

    Speaking of Valentine's Day how's Lily's relationship with Zedd?

  • nerea preciado 1 week ago


  • Sheri Joy 1 week ago

    Wine isn't carbonated so it might work great. Oh and I don't store wine upside down, you are so right Lily! (don't want to spill it, that would be abuse) Happy Valentines Day!

  • NeheleniaBlackmoon 1 week ago

    are there going to be new episodes of get jacked?

  • Davina Young 1 week ago

    I'm watching this in my car, waiting for my next class to start and the girl beside probably thinks I'm nuts because I just laughed so hard when the bottle spilled

  • Grace Puckett 1 week ago

    "IM A SKIN CARE GURU" joslyn was so agressive and it cracked me up

  • Elizabeth Lohse 1 week ago
  • yun choi 1 week ago

    @lily_marston will you be my valentine flowers

  • don’t mind me 1 week ago

    I clicked on this video not knowing what to expect because I’ve never seen this channel before. I hadn’t noticed that my volume was all the way up.


    My ears are dead

  • Luna Lovegood 1 week ago

    best couple of 2018

  • zena 1 week ago

    Holy fucking shit I am still crying from laughter. That explosion was so unexpected