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Take a look back at the last century of skincare. From Coco Chanel sparking a 1920s tanning oil fad, to cleansing with a cold cream in the 1950s, to the Korean sheet masks and snail creams of the 2010s, find out how skincare has evolved over the last 100 years.

Special Thanks to: Cynthia B. Yalowitz, MD, FAAD
General & Cosmetic Dermatology Larchmont, NY
Larchmont Dermatology,

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100 Years of Skincare | Allure


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  • stell la 3 weeks ago

    Not a single asian person? Just black and white people? Come on

  • Mande Loo 3 weeks ago

    10 Step skincare is back in the western trend. It's always been a Korean thing and it's fucking wonderful

    Y'all also forgot the very late 90's/early 2000's that makeup became "good" for your skin and you could sleep in it. The Bare Minerals (Bare Escentuals at the time) explosion

  • RN Juya 3 weeks ago

    Proud korean

  • Sofia Martinez 3 weeks ago

    OMG i use this product of Korea xD

  • Lauren Cannon 3 weeks ago

    somehow i don't think an elaborate 10 step ritual was the 'norm' during the great depression

  • Ona Reou 3 weeks ago

    I wonder what happend to their skin after trying all of that

  • Genevieve Hohl 3 weeks ago

    I just did 2010. Haha

  • Hannah Ruble 3 weeks ago

    Ponds makes your makeup just melt off, it's the best stuff out there.

  • kkaepsong 3 weeks ago

    the models are all very beautiful :)

  • Ethan James 3 weeks ago

    I use cold cream to take makeup off and it fucking rocks!!

  • Algonquin Girl 92 3 weeks ago

    korea does have good skin products

  • why black girl need tanning lol

  • Did the makers of this video just go for the most obscure skincare trend for each decade?

  • Mateo Ibarra 3 weeks ago

    I have that makeup caboodle

  • jj.hunnie 언니 3 weeks ago

    Gotta get that noxema

  • Demeishia Wilcher 3 weeks ago

    All you gotta do is click the link! please help me out!

  • Sukhjeet Bains 3 weeks ago

    Why am watching this I am suppose to do my hw

  • Imi Anderson 3 weeks ago

    I feel like this wasn't very well done.

  • Jadooe 3 weeks ago

    Who else is a teen breaking out?

  • Bangtan Is Daebak 3 weeks ago


  • Geo Blue 3 weeks ago

    my skin care is called stress acne wash