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Myprotein Ambassador Kirk Miller takes us through the top 10 fat-burning supplements for effective weight loss. It’s important to remember that fat loss ultimately comes down to strict diet and exercise, but these tried and tested supplements and healthy ingredients can speed up the process if used properly.

1. Green Tea – Powerful metabolic booster and no need to boil the kettle for this one! Myprotein sells it in a convenient everyday capsule form:

2. CLA – Essential fatty acid breaks down stubborn fat cells. Capsules available here:

3. L-Carnitine – Energy-producing amino acid supports fat loss. Get it in capsules:
or as a mixable powder:

4. Protein – Keeps you in control of your diet by making you feel fuller for longer and your hormones balanced. In addition to natural food sources, high-quality protein supplements are available on our site:

5. Beta Alanine – Reduces fatigue by buffering lactic acid, allowing you to increase the intensity of your workouts – burning more calories in the process.
Available in tablet form:
And powdered beta-alanine:

6. ZMA – Zinc and magnesium combo. Improves the sleep that maintains fat-burning testosterone levels.

7. Cod Liver Oil – Essential fatty acid containing high amounts of Vitamins A and D which support fat-loss.

8. Green Coffee Bean Extract – Great source of caffeine, lowers blood sugar levels and maintains the body’s fat-burning hormones.

9. White Kidney Bean Extract – Supports a healthy glucose metabolism. Important after high-carbohydrate meals.

10. Water – Stay hydrated during your workouts. This will allow you to train harder and recover faster, allowing you to burn more calories in the process.
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