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I put together a video with clips from my transformation over the past year. It was TRULY a MIND and BODY transformation! And, believe it or not, my MIND transformation was FAR greater than my body transformation.

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  • Amazing Turtle 2 weeks ago

    Now I'm not sure what you were doing before but most diets will do that. Because you deprive yourself of food or a certain nutrient such as carbs, as soon as you start eating them again your body will immediately put it into storage because it thinks it is rare causing you to store more of it after you stop the diet causing the bounce back effect where you regain what you lost and sometimes more. Exercise and dietary planning is the best answer, that way you aren't harming your body and there's no immediate bounce back

  • Jacob Mims 2 weeks ago

    You just inspired me to get my ass up today and go to the gym. Thank you

  • shortyian 2 weeks ago

    Well done

  • Marin Ivešić 2 weeks ago

    Amazing! Well done man!

  • Mani Matter 2 weeks ago

    Well done. An Inspiration

  • lukasz lawrynowicz 2 weeks ago

    Amazinf journey. Keep it up, very inspiring

  • Fanta BH 2 weeks ago

    This was inspiring , for real.

  • 011Bela 2 weeks ago

    I cried watching this Video. I lost 30 kg, gained 10 back, which got me very scary, and now I'm all in to lose 20 and get finally to where I want to be.Thanks for the motivation!

  • Ciecie Newson 2 weeks ago

    So happy for you. Congrats. ~Smile!

  • Sergio Delapaz 2 weeks ago

    Who are the 432 assholes who disliked this video? This man completely changed his life. Amazing

  • wiggityp 2 weeks ago

    Way to go dawg!

  • Haider & Farwah 2 weeks ago

    So motivating.. Thank you for posting the video.