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  • More Plates More Dates 2 weeks ago
  • KETO Uber 2 weeks ago

    my first day i felt awesome, after that week 2, just feel kinda different,,,

  • MrSBGames 2 weeks ago

    better or worse than code red?

  • The Iron Vin 2 weeks ago

    When do the come out on the site?

  • Benjamin Lopez III 2 weeks ago

    This product isn’t online

  • Prâtt Batten 2 weeks ago

    Can I take this with Ephedrine and Aspirin?

  • Shattered Dreams 2 weeks ago

    Nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the old mahung ephedrine pills that are banned. I have tried many of the newer ones and none of them did anything but cause me jitters.

  • Sarm Reviews 2 weeks ago

    I've taken it. I got samples at Olympia… Definitely a good product

  • Alexander 2 weeks ago

    Let's go 2 code red, 2 yohembine and 4 MOTHERFUCKIN DIABLOZ GET SHREED BREH.

  • James Parker 2 weeks ago

    Your shoulders look like fucking crazy. You should make a video about your shoulder workout.

  • Jared Reeves 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the Info man!

  • Frank Metro Limo 2 weeks ago

    Great review

  • C mack 2 weeks ago

    Would you try this with dnp?

  • Santos Rivera 2 weeks ago

    Would you ( in your opinion) take this over yohimbine?

  • Hippocratic Oaf 2 weeks ago

    Did you say MAOI is included? I guess I won't be taking DMT (dimethyltryptamine) with this unless I want a shamanic spiritual experience while doing cardio. If it was an effective MAOI, the psychedelic crowd would be buzzing about it but I like to keep these worlds (lifting/akashic) separate anyway.

  • Gabriel 2 weeks ago

    Can I take it with yohimbine?

  • Poppa Pump 2 weeks ago

    is this safe to run with DNP?

  • John Sisson 2 weeks ago

    What would you say the muscle building capabilities of sarms are in comparison to AAS? Maybe 1/10 the power?

  • MATT STRONG 2 weeks ago


  • cannon 2 weeks ago

    do you think sarms are gonna be made illegal?

  • GainzNGames 2 weeks ago

    Lol, surprised there was no Clen, DNP, or Ephedrine in it. Lmao

  • Greg McCandless 2 weeks ago

    You and Russo putting out pretty much the same video at the same time